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All right everyone it’s time to issue a rebuttal to alexandria kzo cortez she came out a few days ago and said capitalism was irredeemable and she and she means in the negative sense like oh the system is so evil and horrible oh my god horror horror and it’s like she’ll never say this about communism which has killed over a hundred million people or about certain religious ideologies responsible for tens of millions of other preventable deaths but you know capitalism is a big problem the technology and and the ownership of private property is a big problem I was terrible now here’s my rebuttal…

Continue reading… would say yeah capitalism is irredeemable because it doesn’t need to be redeemed it’s already in its strictest purest sense it is a utopian and perfect system it exactly lines up with competitive biology namely evolution I know like social Darwinism whatever you turbine that particular sometimes rather cold kind of uncaring sort of thing it doesn’t necessarily work for you and because here’s the thing biologically you’re right if you’re like a social Darwinist a like well you know basically fuck people who are weak and then downtrodden the strong shall survive it is the law of nature absolutely within a biological framework but when you’re talking about economics it’s not biology it’s an extension of it it’s subjugated in part to it but it’s a human system it’s cultural it’s not quite the same as pure biology culture evolves to the concept of tempering capitalism is also an evolutionary trait and an advantage having some form of organism a let’s not in biology but it’s an innate form of organization that does conform to the basic principle of competition the organization extends that competition beyond inter individual or or small groups and extends it to a larger group of people ah allowing greater organizational capacity which is an evolutionary again a huge advantage that’s how you have modern medicine you couldn’t have modern medicine in the sense that you have it now under a system unless you had some degree of organization here’s what I would rebut though on a OCS belief she believes that essentially if you look at the sort of things she suggested she believes that centralized power that is not individual or voluntary power but non voluntary mandatory state power should be responsible for most aspects of the economy should be responsible for most production should fundamentally at least in part on virtually everything she is a hard-line socialist I love it when people try to say she’s not a realist when people who want people like her to be in office they lie and say well it’s just social democracy no what is socialism primarily entail you are taking private property and making it public now not may be fully collectivized but more more public you have more centrality more intervention ISM and things like that when they say Venezuela is a capitalist system I sit there and laugh everything there has been nationalized practically everything is everything meaningful has been nationalized in Venezuela we’re not that many steps removed from that we’re not a fully functioning capitalist system anymore that’s our problem for the last hundred years we’ve been tempering capitalism more and more the problem is the initial seed of that the Progressive Era yet we should have solved that just with the trust-busting and monopolies busting there was no reason to delve into most of the aspects of progressivism that in all honesty I like the dude I think he was a great president but he got this one thing wrong in the Progressive Era with Teddy Roosevelt too much government centrality so while Theodore Roosevelt cared I believe while he I believe was benevolent he thought he was doing what was right the people that came after took that centrality and misused it and this is the problem of this is basically the problem of abandoning basically a free market capitalist oklet’s a fair very laid-back man arcus toward more classically liberal society the centrality it’s Tet times make sense so things are going wrong we need to organize against it and so you solve the problem but because of the legalistic and ever-expanding nature of bureaucracy especially within a system where it’s present at all you will inevitably then have corrupt elements later that misuse it and use it as a platform to increase their power more to increase their wealth more then you get corporations they were supposed to be constrained by this government power and instead ended up buying it up this progressive heir is responsible ironically then the early era of proto socialism within the Western world ironically is responsible for all of the problems that the leftists perceive of today capitalism is natural it is simply this is at its core it includes two components this is capitalism you should be able to own property and you should be able to voluntarily trade with other individuals and groups at your leisure in a free market that’s capitalism when people say well no it means corporations owning everything none an L because in true capitalism you can’t really have monopolies the only proper the trust-busting and anti-monopoly laws preserve capitalism they don’t do away with it if a corporation is attempting to create a vertical monopoly to prevent competition it is defeating the purpose and and getting rid of actually a free market entirely it’s no longer capitalistic there’s no competition capitalism has to have competition and private property to exist at all in some states you don’t and therefore have any capitalism here in Vermont for example if you own a property like a private I mean a residential property let’s say I want to grow crops I don’t want to have to go buy food I want to do it myself I don’t want to have to go buy firewood I’m having to have a wood stove I’m going to disconnect from the grid I’m gonna heat my home with wood heating I should be able if I want to I capture rainwater I have solar panels and stuff I got my space heater I do everything sort of off-the-grid myself ultimately that’s very capitalistic I think it’s rather rugged I’m not actually interested in being quite that much of a survivalist I think I’ll have a home canning and a big garden operation and solar panels and I’ll leave it at that I kind of like having modern convenience I don’t have a problem with that I’m not gonna go full Varg mode in other words it just might be like halfway there I’ll be able to survive don’t worry basically though in Vermont if you want to do that you’re still paying a property tax what is a property tax everybody rent it’s rent to the government you don’t own your property you rent it now if you’re in Texas or New Hampshire most are some states then it’s not a problem there’s no property tax I think New Hampshire doesn’t have proud you know I think they only apply it to businesses if I remember correctly I know they don’t have a state income tax except on like interest like if you get investments like your salaries not there’s no state income tax like I wouldn’t have to pay a state income tax if I were you know basically 30 miles further east which is hilarious it’s like why am I not in Lebanon right now or fuckin Keene or something that people from New Hampshire said why don’t you move your sticks yeah well then again Texas doesn’t have a state income tax at all even on earning my good cost-of-living down there’s way lower and you can garden year-round so much hmm there are other states that are lower tax than Vermont it’s kind of hard to get higher tax than the state actually now unless you go to New York by the way New York right now that I know this isn’t a sign the state of New York is so high tax and so high cost of living the rich people have begun to leave the state the state is using the auditing system to punish people for doing that they’re like weaponizing audits to try to look through people’s last like ten years of returns to try to screw them if they try to leave the state it’s very funny and if you’re cooped uh millions and millions of dollars doing this is like never never moved to New York it’s a terrible idea thankfully here like I’m definitely leaving Vermont fairly soon I know I’ve talked about it for several years but I’ve got to my income keeps rising I’m getting up to the point where my end state tax rates gonna be upwards of six seven percent fuck you not gonna happen the state of Vermont doesn’t deserve that much money for me I get no services I Drive around on Pop Hill pothole filled roads and have a government that doesn’t even pretend to represent my best interests wants to go out their guns raise taxes more and do stupid shit like that fuck you I’m leaving as far as AOC goes though she sits there blaming capitalism and then meanwhile while blaming capitalism she has this Alger Hiss style I pulled myself up by the bootstraps bullshit sob story about she worked as a bartender and a waitress and shit so you participated briefly in capitalism when you weren’t basically you know use students and you had things taken care of and now you’ve you’ve got your law degree in your politician you don’t have to worry anymore you by the way she leaves the House of Representatives she’ll get a pension for the rest of her life that she doesn’t have to do any further work for the best thing you can do you run for here’s what you do you run for local office you try to become a representative and then a senator and maybe you make a gubernatorial and you get three or four different pensions on top of one another pull in 50 60 K a here without any effort at all for the rest of your life I think they keep some elements of their of their health plans as well if I remember correctly very lucrative very good investment opportunity all you have to do is run a couple times you have to spend a few years doing nothing in DC you make a shit ton of money and then you can also go to make speeches for $100 a plate even if you’re a junior senator or something like that and clear as much money as a high-level comedian Canada tonight without much effort at all and you don’t even have to be funny you’d be a total loser just look at a look at Beto O’Rourke some of these people know ALC is totally wrong capitalism is what built this nation up it’s what is sustaining and now the root of capitalism online look look at it this way over the last like 30 years a huge amount of our new productivity has come courtesy of the tech industry that was the result of pure capitalism in motion once I realized that the government originally made always a DARPA netters on ok the internet technically speaking was a fusion of academia and the military at first with with some government intervention ISM it was centrally planned but it wasn’t really that important until it became public and all of a sudden a bunch of private individuals took the took it upon themselves to develop it further now it’s completely privatized with the exception of now it’s become a monopoly because there was no antitrust oversight levied against these companies now we’ve got two choices we can either do that crack the monopolies apart to prevent encroaching censorship of the slow stagnation of the internet or we can render in public utilities or we could expand the Constitution which is what I favor but there’s no will in Congress apparently that these people are off their rocker they want the internet to die and become boring and stuff they want a new Internet to have to be developed we’ll have to take the same basic technology uncouple it from the existing Internet entirely and create a whole new telecommunication structure in order to get around the censorship it’s possible to do with today’s technology it’s not beyond the realm of possibility but and take a lot of time and effort and money and doesn’t even necessarily pay off in the end so yeah AOC is completely wrong I love capitalism it’s like some people it’s like what I said it’s like Esteva like last use of wool you’re not a capitalist you know like you don’t own a corporation that fuck you I’m self-employed yes I’m absolutely involved in capitalism and I paid too many taxes and I have to rent the means of production because I live in a high tax blue state and it’s ridiculous no I should definitely like people who aren’t taking a bunch for society like any form of welfare subsidies I get shit on well I shouldn’t have to pay as much as I pay I’m not exactly a multi-billionaire and why do I want them to pay more when Alexander k’sia Cortez comes census well I just want to take more money from the tippy toes of fuck you so you want to steal from people for having been successful and if I and where they’re not successful because of their own talent where the where it’s the government’s bullshit that made them successful because of taxation policies or whatever dude you you’re the people that cause that I didn’t cause it why the fuck should I have to pay more you want to drag the brackets upwards it’s gonna affect the middle class somebody like me yes absolutely I’d be paying more in taxes fuck you it’s not just always one of 70% marginal tax rate on the tippy tops okay so the next bracket only has to pay fifteen percent more than it pays now and I only have to pay like ten percent more so that’s your idea of economic fairness now you just want more money for shitty programs that will be strangulated by bureaus and become less efficient the most efficient transaction is a voluntary transaction between two individuals or groups directly with no middleman when you’ve got government bureaucracy involved in welfare whatever you got three or four different middlemen involved so that initial dollar that you pay in taxes first part of it gets taken by Bureau number one then it gets taken by some of it gets taken by an accountant and a lawyer and another bureaucrat and then finally the the 40 cents that’s left goes maybe partially to the the person who needs it then they pay taxes on it so they get like 25 30 cents in the end off of your dollar what wonderful efficient charity this is dude if a private charity operated with the efficiency of the bureaucracy that we use for the redistribution is impede I guess II favor and have in mind to grow even more they would be they would be headhunted after by the feds they’d be put out of business for fraudulent practices now why don’t you think about that for a moment that’s about all peace out