After Congress Refuses Trump’s Border Wall, He Responds With Military Order! | Trending News

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hi there its WB and welcome to world broadcast YouTube channel before we get started make sure you hit the subscribe button and press Bell icon to never missed any latest news after Congress refuses Trump sported wall he responds with military order I have been saying for quite a while that most people don’t seem to get it that the border wall is already under construction some sections are even done in various states it’s being put together piecemeal as funding comes and it has been worked on for some time now President Trump won’t let the refusal of funding by Congress stop him from buil…

Continue reading… g the wall it was one of the reasons he started having the military get ready to help him in the endeavor Pentagon funding has always been on the table Democrats just can’t believe that Trump would there to do such a thing but they are about to get a severe reality check do you think Facebook should be regulated so they’re forced to treat everyone the same regardless of their political beliefs considering their size and influence and society the problem here is that Americans and particularly politico’s are so used to politicians saying whatever helps them and then never keeping promises that they are shocked when one actually does what he says he will do there are also those who aren’t paying attention partl informed or are listening to fake news who fall for the wall not being built its leftist propaganda if they took two seconds to research it they would see it is being built just as Trump said it would be at least that is what I have seen Trump is no ordinary politician he’s a flamboyant populist and nationalist his methods may look wonky but the man gets things done that includes the wall since bringing the military in the Border Patrol to bear on the border thousands of illegal immigrants spent on storming the border have turned back because of our partial walls fences military and the Border Patrol but you don’t hear that in the news do you the president met at the White House with Nancy Pelosi in Chuck Schumer not only were those – disrespectful beyond anything I have ever seen they also devolved the meeting into accusations a shouting match and Pelosi questioning Trump’s manhood it was disgraceful they don’t want border security or national security they want partisan politics no matter how it threatens or harms Americans Trump is promising a military executive order to use our forces to finish building the wall if Congress will not ok funding for it good for him and that should be supported President Trump does indeed have the authority to order the military to build the wall an open border is a national security threat that terrorists ms-13 gang members cartels and human traffickers are looking to take advantage of I says their hands full and we must secure that border or we will not be a sovereign nation we will literally be invaded that’s why the left desperately wants open borders make no mistake if Trump moves to have the military build the wall the Democrats will use law fair and their judges against him but Trump is a fighter and they are in for one vicious scuffle over it it takes a special kind of hatred for your country to attack your president and the military as well as the security of Americans in order to grasp more power please don’t forget to like and support our channel by press subscribe button thank you for watching