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“After Major Upset In Texas Election, The 2018 Wave Is Confirmed!!” video transcription


welcome to the wake up channel please press subscribe button for more videos and turn on the notification to the new video we upload them every day after major upset in Texas election the 2018 wave is confirmed here comes the wave the mainstream media cannot stop talking about the blue wave this November Democrats have predicted that outraged over Trump Americans will flood polling booths to vote for liberals but what’s really going to happen a recent special election in Texas might give us a clue the turnout was greater than anyone anticipated polling centers had lines out the door and in the end a districted was left after enjoy 139 years of one party’s control it’s not what you’re expecting from my San Antonio voters elected political newcomer Pete flurries to the Texas Senate on Tuesday flipping a democratic district red for the first time in 139 years and bolstering Republicans supermajority in the chamber ahead of the November elections a retired gay Mardin flurries defeated former state and US Representative Pete Gallego for the Senate district 19 seat after receiving backing from some of the state’s most prominent politicians including governor Greg Abbott lieutenant governor Dan Patrick and US Sen John Cornyn and Ted Cruz according to Secretary of State’s website flurries won with 53% of the vote ago Legos 47% with 44,000 487 ballots cast this election was marked by great enthusiasm by Republicans they were eager to retake the district which was controlled by Democrats for a shocking amount of time the huge turnout is evidence of strong support from Republicans this election season after upsetting the left by electing Trump they aren’t going to lose the country to liberals Democrats have been crazy these last two years they have proven to be unstable irrational and full of hate today we take control of our government it would be a disaster do everyday Americans really want them at the helm Democrats have convinced the selves that most of America hates Trump as much as they do they couldn’t be further from the truth Trump continues to win for the American people he is making good on every campaign promise Democrats well they are promising to ruin the economy welcome illegal aliens and undermine our values not to mention attack anyone that disagrees with vemma something tells me this Texas election is going to be very similar to others in November so long as conservatives don’t fall asleep share if you are going to get out to the polls this November and bring all your conservative friends with you source my San Antonio what do you think comment below the video share if you find this information useful share if you agree subscribe channel for more video wake up channel bring you the truth thanks for watching

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“After Major Upset In Texas Election, The 2018 Wave Is Confirmed!!”