AJA DragConic Friday October 20th 2017 at 340nightclub in Pomona California | Rediscovering Your City

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Video Transcription

[Applause] e] [Applause] let’s stand up for a superstar time for New York City shall we [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] ladies Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] my fake fur off the stage you know I’m just attack you don’t attack and to give you a short brief introduction my name is my job then I guess you don’t have a television so actually my favorite thing that’s ever been said on drag race with them the other way season four came out and jiggly Caliente television you know would be a bitches cool nowadays in your bitch bro you get dragged across the internet it taking these tweets choose…

… alpha where my girl let the bitch be a bitch Jesus right the next season drag race would have turned into the fucking Care Bears and we don’t eat that shit bitch but the rumor on the street why would that was there so I know all-stars [Applause] our gang and this cast their people online thing she deserves she don’t deserve that and I’m like well baby you gotta know you work for the casting I didn’t know that you did drag and if you do we should stop at space pods I am shook which we have these lovely beautiful human serving shots tonight and they’re $2.00 the chocolate mr. Tanaka shots are on these trays with these beautiful younger so pretty and I got the formation bitch holy shit makes me upset these bitches too big a man keep okay Tommy I’ll get them I got dresses bitch I’m like The Terminator now make sure you get these shots before they run out now that they will run out because we got thirty forty nightclub tonight [Applause] No so catching my breath and doing nothing but let me tell y’all if y’all hungry dinner is served till 11:30 p.m. so make sure you get yourself a plate and who are on the streets in here is that when they give you the plague you hardly see the plate because it’s just good to test it out how great you look let’s break the record I’m sure wreck your house like your relationship which up oh my god I see you wish not see all right everybody’s want to say cheers make sure you get yourself to the shops we’re gonna cheers to nipples because we have no points Oh No Oh sis this is good initiative additional I carry with me prevent never going to see some shows we have a fucking competition going on here tonight our speech is ready to see these other bitches turn it the fuck out they’re gonna run it out whenever they doubt like literally because we’re like games against guns Isis I can handle that tonight not tonight it’s part about the book it’s right here right interact at 8:00 in the morning to miss a massage did you see how the bucket interview kaha and I got a text from my wigs and graces a quick stab us that she said bitch are you aware that you were saying fucking interviews I thought my – along with the following season and we are being festive tonight and we’re going to start off this motherfucking competition I don’t know what these hoes don’t do and this are coming out here we’re like that little shit and knives and and blood ship ish what’s the matter are you ready to see this shit cause then I want you bitches to put your hands together power