‘Alien mass’ of millions of tiny bugs swarm outside a Sydney home | Entertainment News

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An alien mass of millions of tiny bugs have swarmed outside a Sydney home a man narrating a video shows the mysterious massive tiny bugs gathered on a driveway initially mistaken for gray dust or paint a little home in the city’s south [Music] when I’ve looked closer its millions of something the man said it’s bizarre [Music] I’ve never seen anything like it Lisa Graham took to social media to share the footage of what she describes as an alien massive insects on the everything Sutherland Shire Facebook groups on Wednesday entomologists are confident the unusual finding were the species of sp…

Continue reading… g tails and are not formally identified as insects but closely related to hexapods [Music] share this article share springtails occur in the garden where they feed on fungus and decaying vegetable material entomologist and senior curator at museums Victoria dr. Ken Walker told Yahoo 7:00 news [Music]