All Hell Broke Loose When Loretta Lynch Made This Racist Attack On Trump! | Trending News

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hi there its WB and welcome to world broadcast YouTube channel before we get started make sure you hit the subscribe button and press Bell icon to never missed any latest news all hell broke loose when Loretta Lynch made this racist attack on trauma disgraced former attorney general Loretta Lynch has resurfaced she’s pitching to the Democrats effort to take back Congress but all hell is breaking loose after she made this racist attack on Donald Trump Loretta Lynch plays the race card Democrats know that stoking racial fears is the best way to motivate their base every election season Democ…

Continue reading… s fanned the flames with scare stories and lies about how Republicans want to take blacks back to the Jim Crow era Loretta Lynch played this part to a tee she showed up on MSNBC’s hardball and raged about how Republicans like Donald Trump want to use voter ID laws to suppress the black vote Lynch ranted and frankly that people who are in power who have taken an oath to uphold this Constitution set themselves up and try and restrict that is really disgraceful and that’s the real that we’re seeing here as well so you’re right you know to say that you don’t want to intimidate people is great but look these laws are designed to intimidate restricting early voting is designed to intimidate the voter ID laws are designed to scare people away from the process these are all lies even if you use an app on your phone to buy tickets for a movie you have to show a photo ID it’s only common sense to protect the integrity of our elections by making sure that those who vote are who they say they are Joe Barton also attacks voter ID laws Joe Barton also echoed Lynch’s comments Biden appeared on CBS this morning enraged that Republicans use voter ID laws to target minorities he began his assault on ensuring the integrity of America’s elections by promoting the ridiculous idea of automatic vote registration I don’t know the exact number but somewhere in the order of 77 in the last couple of years pieces of legislation have been introduced in state legislatures to restrict their right to vote we should have automatic registration we should have it allowing everybody to vote he began but and then attacked the idea that voter fraud existed my generic point is there is no evidence in all of the studies done of widespread voter fraud of that being a central problem in the American electoral process Biden declared it’s just not true absolutely positively without question the former vice president continued it continues it is one of the reasons why this museum the people in this museum that are honored started their fight it is still going on it still exists it’s wrong and look that voter ID thing my name is Joseph R Biden Jr if I show up and I don’t have a license that says Joseph are bought and nor doesn’t have jr. on it then I can’t vote everybody knows who the heck I am and the Challenger knows who I am come on this is designed to suppress the vote not allowed to vote voter fraud in Texas but reality destroyed baudin’s claimed that voter fraud is not a problem the Public Interest Legal Foundation filed a complaint against the Texas Democrat party they claimed applications for absentee ballots were mailed to non-citizens with the citizenship box already marked yes in addition for North Texas women were recently indicted on 30 counts to voter fraud they forged signatures on mail-in ballots and even marked ballots without voters consent during the 2016 Democratic presidential primary please don’t forget to like and support our channel by press subscribe button thank you for watching