All Hell Broke Loose When Megyn Kelly Sent Three Tweets About Kavanaugh’s Accuser! | Trending News

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hi there it’s WB and welcome to world broadcast YouTube channel before we get started make sure you hit the subscribe button and press Bell icon to never missed any latest news all hell broke loose when megyn kelly sent three tweets about Cavanaugh’s accuser the Democrats plan to bring down Brett Kavanaugh is out of control they are using suspect allegations of sexual misconduct to destroy him but all hell broke loose when megyn kelly dropped this bombshell about one of Cavanaugh’s accusers NBC interviews Kaif an accuser Julie sweaten acclaimed Brett Kavanaugh spiked punch at parties so ot…

Continue reading… boys could gang rape girls she also claimed he was present when she was gang-raped sweat Nick made a splash when she hired celebrity attorney Michael Levine body to represent her the media took that as a sign that she was serious but her story fell apart within hours critics pointed out how sweat net could provide no witnesses to back up her claims they also wondered why she attended ten more parties where she knew gang rapes occurred finally sweat Nick agreed to an interview with NBC and that ended all her credibility sweat Nick walk backed the claims she made in her signed declaration she no longer alleged that she saw Kavanagh spiked girls drinks and she said she could not be certain whether Kavanagh assaulted her finally the names of the four witnesses she named came up short one was dead one told NBC had never heard of her and two did not respond sweat neck like kristinb Lacey Ford and Deborah Ramirez is not a credible accuser the media plays up their baseless claims because they want to see Kavanagh destroyed megyn kelly shuts down Cavanaugh accuser critics blasted NBC for putting sweat Nick on the air before NBC broadcast the interview they informed viewers that they could not corroborate sweatin exclaims and that she had changed her story many Americans wondered why they still put her on TV surprisingly megyn kelly joined that chorus she shredded sweat neck and her claims on Twitter Kelly tweeted due process is not misogynistic it happens to be the bedrock of our legal system miss sweat Nick was just on NBC changing her story dramatically from her sworn declaration when an accuser has credibility issues the a is not to shame those who recognize it liberals ripped Kelly for being a hypocrite they noted her role and bringing down Fox News president Roger riles so Kelly tweeted that she had kept a journal that provided corroborations for her claims since she wrote the entries after the alleged harassment occurred she rolled I knew I might not be but my company’s 8ms examined the evidence which in my case included contemporaneous journal entries which I gave consultation W an eighth name a report to a supervisor s TMT asked to friends and a slew of other women w Holly credible allegations finally Kelly drove the final nail in the coffin of the all women must be believed idea that the hashmi – movement pushes she pointed out how the woman who tried to frame the Duke lacrosse players for rape would have gotten away with it under they believe all women standard Kelly tweeted not every victim will have that kind of record which is fine but the notion that every woman must be believed is absurd just ask the three Duke locks players who were falsely accused of rape by a woman who virtually all of the media believed but who made the whole thing up NBC’s liberal viewers were shocked they expected Kelly to toe the anti-trump line now that she works for the left-leaning outlet but Kelly has consistently questioned Cavanaugh’s accusers and pointed out how they see him as guilty until proven innocent however some critics think that she knows her time at NBC is running out and out she wants to prepare the groundwork for a return to Fox News we will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing video please don’t forget through like and support channel by press subscribe button thank you for watching