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All right everyone link in the description of something hilarious a OC blaming climate change for a heavy rain in DC that started to I guess overrun the gutters a little bit it’s like you know I don’t know what alternate reality she’s living in in that a storm can only be ascribed to climate change let’s assume let’s assume that climate change is number one anthropogenic number two or risk number three irreversible as it continues a number force but you know specifically man-made bad it’s real which I accept actually it Israel let’s assume all that does that mean any particular weather system …

Continue reading… to do with that or is there aberrant weather anyway like the idea that there was never a damaging storm in DC before the industrial revolution doesn’t hold muster why DC is there’s a reason why Trump uses the term drain the swamp DC is essentially proof for the most part a backfilled marsh that was at or in some cases arguably a little bit below sea level most of that particular you know Potomac region is nothing more than a giant marsh the highest point in the entirety of DC is four hundred feet above sea level it’s a small hill most of DC though is round sea level it’s been backfilled so a lot of it’s like you know five ten feet above the idea that this isn’t a marshy wet drippy inundated areas nuts if humans were to stop maintaining DC for a hundred years it would go back to looking like nature intended it with some ruins scattered here and there they have problems at the Jefferson Memorial there’s some sort of black mold because of the non-stop swampy humidity the Jefferson Memorial has like black mold on it they have to scrub it off every other a week or some crazy ship they have to use like chemicals on it and and they’re like oh it’s mysterious we don’t even know why it specifically grows on this particular monument but it’s here it’s probably some soil microbe or something like that that crawls up the rock and just releases spores check the underlying soil you might find a endangered species and the Liberals will say you’re not allowed to clean it anymore now that Jefferson Memorial has to look like it’s been carved out of obsidian by the way probably pretty cool that’s what they’ll do here’s the thing though DC is literally a swamp it’s in a very wet climate it’s an a wet near coastal swampy environment the idea that there’s never going to be any flooding in DC is nuts you’re right on the Potomac River anyway and done that flow over its banks at some point it’s like we had that earthquake how many years ago was that they had a 5 point something earthquake right in DC they cracked the Washington Monument and everything and the people were like I’ll out about it and it was funny at the time I remember talking about it some people were acting like it was an act of God they gave it like religious importance now keep in mind back then I’m like an anti religious youtuber specifically it was funny I know and I’ve seen people and this is really funny blame earthquakes on climate change that’s actually happens like in the seismic events have nothing to do with with you know surface co2 concentration but ok I accept that climate change is real it’s fairly obvious because you can look at temperature trends that being said I’m questioning whether it’s entirely anthropogenic I’m sure in part it is any human activity on the surface inevitably through the butterfly effect have some effect it’s just a matter of finding out how much and the other part is I’m not sure that it’s harmful because we’ve gone through periods before with the co2 concentration on this plant I’m sure has been a lot higher number one surface temperatures have been higher before number two they’ve also been a lot lower we’ve had these long-term trends the idea that human activity is going to destroy the world now we can destroy mankind maybe the biggest risk to that nuclear weapons second biggest risk bioterrorism those are the two biggest risks to man well and the technically biological threats Nature can do a good job – there will never be a disease it’s a hundred percent deadly even rabies doesn’t kill a hundred percent of people there have been a very small number like two or three cases in human history someone gets rabies somehow they recover really really weird they need to look at those people’s genetics maybe they can find a cure for it veterinarians no longer need to have needles injected in him over and over yeah I can eat this roadkill it doesn’t matter Oh should have had sarcoptic mange okay now I’m like that the idea that every weather trend there they’re like weather was 100% stable there were never any bad storms there’s never any flooding no droughts or anything before the Industrial Revolution that doesn’t make any sense how can you ascribe any specific severe weather system to that I can remember for example like five or six years ago I think there was this one summer we had thunderstorm after thunderstorm after thunder striving every and twice a week almost we were having severe thunderstorms roll through we probably had 20 or 30 of them in the course of the year that’s a lot and they were severe we’re not talking like I was a few the bits of lightning like the last storm we had here we had a lot of rain a bit of wind but ultimately there’s only a few lightning strikes I’m talking like crashing and smashing our well got hit it was funny our well got hit by the same bolt this is probably the same bolt that shocked me through the screen door because I had to have been closed in order to do that was probably the one that hit our well that’s right next to the house it cracked the casing we didn’t even know it at the time the casings been cracked although all of that time finally it gave out it sort of degraded they had to replace it thankfully they didn’t have to dig it deeper or anything like that the casing was ah that wasn’t the result of climate change probably either we got pounded over and over and over again I think it was Lenina year or something like that some weather pattern this is all natural it’s been happening in the absence of man anyway it’s been you know in some cases I think documented before the Industrial Revolution ah but you can’t just say well now there’s climate change have less SUVs that’s climate change for you means more severe weather not not I said what if weif happens if it comes the weather down how do you know have you ever gone through a post-industrial period of severe climate change of an anthropogenic and risky character anyway now of course not the Industrial Revolution was 150 years ago nobody’s ever been through this where none tested waters humans were sophisticated enough in science to test for all of these things 150 years ago when you’re it’s like with seismicity and I pointed this out when people ramble about Yellowstone’s gonna blow ha there were more earthquakes this year than last we’ve only been comprehensively able to test things of a seismic nature’s been a hundred years of testing and about 40 years of sophisticated testing you’re talking the 80s basically arguably the 70s okay half a century of testing that involve computations of a mechanical nature that we’re any good and that’s basically it so how the hell am I going to look at a long term trend of seismicity and Yellowstone or anywhere else I can’t I can just look at this stuff that you’ve already got it’s the same with climate change they take an ice core sample they take co2 testing whatever and they say well co2 levels are rising surface temperature rose they must therefore cause weather there must be a cost correlation and causation seems to escape some people that are very good scientists overall some people call you a conspiracy theorist if you suggest hey maybe at least part of this is due to nature maybe that supercell wasn’t the result of anthropogenic climate change maybe it was just a storm because they happen sometimes you can say they become more common or something like that because of climate okay maybe so the surface temperature rises weather patterns change granted of course but that doesn’t mean that it’s catastrophic wipes out mankind and we need to eliminate cow farts and then transatlantic travel it doesn’t make any sense I’m of the mind that there’s probably a feedback mechanism anyway I’m of the mind that if climate change is truly that risky it’ll kill off half a mankind does the emissions drop man goes back to the Stone Age and the population dwindles to a few million people and the problem solves itself sucks to be human doesn’t suck to be nature the earth will be just fine it’ll reabsorb all that pollution and radioactivity everything it was already in the earth anyway what is plastic other than a bunch of atoms that we’ve reassembled that happen to be less degradable they’ll degrade in due time we can poison the earth for a hundred years after a hundred years it’ll be like we were never here in the first place in many cases guys some ruins here and there the pyramids will still be there Spinks will still be there kind of apparently that had to be repaired four or five times by just the Romans because of the water through a capillary action leeches up through into the bottom structure of the porous sandstone actually begins to flake and degrade it they’ve actually had to rebuild the Sphinx several times basically by the way it probably was an abyss at first they probably whacked it’s a head I was probably unstable so there’s a the ear fell off now we might as well just put the Pharaohs face on it who gives a those Greeks say that it’s a cool story yeah the DC if it rains its climate change if it’s too dry its climate change hot or cold too much wind no breeze at all it’s all the result of man how ago tist achill must you be to think that we have really that much of an impact I’m not buying it that’s about all peace out