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All right everyone it’s time to continue talking about the left slow transformation into a bunch of total fucking sellouts especially with regards to the topic of war and surveillance and censorship and basically everything else their appreciation their newfound appreciation for the use of corporate censorship as a tool to destroy their political opponents yes it’s very very classically liberal indeed the total hippies basic trust the man the man is is the good guy and if you disagree you’re a Nazi yesterday they were criticizing Trump up and down they’re fucking dreaming him because he failed…

Continue reading… show up at Arlington on Veterans Day he’s like well it’s going to be pouring rain so you know I’ll take a rain check on this and they fucking lost a toe no he’s disrespecting our troops on this song it’s like so the left that spent years calling like Vietnam vets baby killers and shit like that all of a sudden it’s a very solemn occasion your favorite holiday red white and blue fucking star-spangled fireworks going off and and American beer and hot dogs and brats oh shit it’s like okay so you sound like the hyper patriot fucking shoot steroids directly into your fucking eyeball bush i Republicans right after 9/11 that’s what you now resemble you love censorship especially if it’s you know done by billion-dollar multinational corporations you think that the government by and large as benevolent like beer occur barrack rats and stuff can be trusted to to investigate themselves now you’re pro war it’s like they’ve joked about Trump being president bone spur before like when he talks about foreign policy like oh haha he was a coward he didn’t want to go shoot at random people and rice paddies and and rightfully was probably probably is true he’s like well he gets his deferment because he doesn’t want to go serve because hey you know maybe I don’t want to die in my early 20s might be a good idea and so they call him a coward but but this is the same group I think the Democrats Jimmy Carter was the one that pardoned all of the people who had dodged the draft in Vietnam the left had by and large for decades had said well you know in in essence it was an inappropriate war it was prefaced on basically a false flag with the Gulf of Tonkin wasn’t even proper for us to be involved it was the result of Cold War hype the domino effect sort of bullshit and we shouldn’t have been there and when they didn’t disrespect the idea that a person would not want to have gone off and fought in a war that didn’t really have anything to do with our national defense now all of a sudden they derived Trump for having been part of that same apparent group although he didn’t technically dodge he was just deferred multiple times and it’s like well you don’t know anything about it that his heel spurs or whatever you you’re not as doctor maybe it’s legit it is possible it’s just not particularly likely but why do you fucking care now you’ve spent years like you know you’re the people who indulge group the same groups the same crap de vez that’ll go to a veteran’s graveyard and scrawl hammer and sickles and and pig and and fuck soldiers all over their gravestones and then you want to ramble about how much you appreciate our wonderful heroes at Arlington yes it’s very important to go visit these chiseled stone monuments that lay above the calcified remains of these dead people it’s very important symbolic act now isn’t it to the left it’s just like it’s very symbolic to be hyper patriotic towards the FBI or other bureaucratic outlets very very important you’re a traitor if you don’t agree you fucking slime bag sellouts you sound exactly like Bush Republicans and I was warning years ago that that was the direction that the left was moving in they had begun to abandon the principles that made them the left in the first place Trump is more on the left ideologically at this point on the authentic left I mean that’s the same left Trump is openly / trumpet at this on Twitter he’s like oh yeah basically this is this is what Schumer said before the Democrats lost their minds and went insane don’t you think that’s a signal he’s trying to tell you look basically Trump is a business Democrat he’s from Manhattan he’s not from Wyoming but he remembers the Democrats of the 80s of the 90s when they had some good ideas or at least the 80s before they sold out ultimately Bill Clinton transformed the liberal movement into one that was more pro-government took it away from its authentically left-wing roots of in the classical sense limited government in the sense of the hippies almost a narc left anarchism after a fashion libertarianism after a certain mode closer oddly enough to the ancap lifestyle only without the capitalism is very very strange although they did have it but kind of not and they just didn’t like government hey don’t trust anyone over 30 I’m right on the threshold of that shit now hippies won’t like me in a few months don’t trust the man government is ultimately bad war is bad surveillance and censorship they had also they had tinfoil hat conspiracy theories like that the gulf of tonkin was orchestrated to get us involved in Southeast Asia and it turned out the hippies were right turned out that all that all the far-left fucking drug snorting hippies were actually correct in the establishment that called him lunatics was wrong now the establishment is telling us fucking go warship at the rocks of people that we had killed and pretend that’s patriotism instead of trying to prevent war you should warship the Fallen no I think that the way you honor your veterans is trying to make fewer of them I would like it I think it’d be the best of all possible United States if we have as few graves in Arlington as possible I think we should try to keep it as small as we can I think the fewer people that we send to get shot at in some foreign theater generally speaking the better and the left said this half a decade ago but then Obama’s drone war became Evan and they totally flipped within the course of a short year or two they stopped having a problem with overseas proxy wars with interventionist combat with adventurism wars for oil all that stuff they totally forgot they did exactly what the hippies did when they came back and became disco dancing yuppies fucking the started that they looked like David Bowie and his glam period now they look like David Bowie singing modern love and it’s like okay that style works for him it doesn’t work for you you’re a sellout and then they had kids and moved to the suburbs and they switched from from hash to cocaine and now they’re back to marijuana again because it’s legal so they’re like oh yeah we don’t want our kids smoking and it’s terrible habit but you know toke toke very funny their cellphones basically and I know that not everyone in that age range is a sellout almost we’re never hippies to begin with by the way most of the counterculture lists for older people the youth was more pro-war at the time than the older people believe it or not you always see you know like the Woodstock concert and people getting the other neon step piece fucking John Lennon and shit by and large that was a minority group within the youth they were the the hippies were like beat on and spit out and stuff small minority most people supported the war effort cuz they’re like oh we must stop communism almost nobody knows this there are so many open facts that are out there that so few people actually know is so few Americans even know where half the countries in the world are on a map and it’s rather dismay I’m a little bit of an aficionado of studying maps it’s fine it relaxing you can’t help it but no a Trump failed to go to Arlington terrible time the left is very very concerned they’re also concerned and when he tries to bring peace to Korea oh he’s talking to dictators well he know you would have loved it if Obama had said hey I’m gonna have a good idea I’m gonna go to North Korea and try to have a summit there said oh the great peacemaker give him another Nobel Prize you know that they would have absolutely so they’ve completely sold out there now pro-war that’s about all Pisa