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I’m m Alex Jones and you’re watching the next news network good morning to you let’s check in with Josh Burstein who’s standing by with your news Barack Obama just made an announcement about a third time god help us all please I’m Josh Bernstein filling in for Gary Franchi in the next news network according to right wing news official reports former President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that he was quote very confident that he could have won a third term if constitutionally allowed to run against Donald Trump that he could have beaten Donald Trump this guy is truly delusional speaking to his f…

Continue reading… er top adviser David Axelrod at a live recording of the show the axe files Obama said that he believed that voters felt that he had taken the job seriously really taking the job seriously okay worked hard been true to my oath really like passing executive amnesty yeah that was really true to your oath about changing Obama care laws without Congress yeah really right to the oath of the Constitution observed and hopefully strengthened the norms and the rules and the values of our democracy wow this guy is delusional Axelrod had earlier said that some people would like Obama to serve in perpetuity and joked about some of Obama’s supporters even wanting him to run for Vice President the former president though added that he is not sure it is a healthy thing to serve more than two terms Wow the Obama dictator says that it’s not healthy to serve for two terms more than two terms I’m shocked truly shocked pointing out that even some countries that don’t have term limits even very good people lose their edge and get stale and comfortable in their positions go ahead and roll this clip you you’re right that you can’t serve in perpetuity although there are some people who would like you to you hear all the times you can’t he come back can you run for Vice President and so on which I know you’d enjoy but and I’m curious and you may not want to answer the question but you think if you are in a ballot in 2020 that you would defeat President Trump I mean III will not answer that direct question for obvious reasons I have the reason I ask because people say well you know we can’t have another candidate of color we can’t have a woman because that well that that kind of stuff I don’t buy don’t buy I am as you know I’m fairly confident yes that is apparent and and you know when I left office I think people felt after having gone through all kinds of ups and downs that I had taken the job seriously worked hard bent rooted my oath observed and hopefully strengthened the the norms and the rules and the the values of our democracy I think America was more respected around the world than it was when I came in and I I feel very confident that I was in a position to had it not been for both the Constitution and Michelle to continue in office but but I guess what I’m saying is is that I’m not sure it is a it is a healthy thing and Obama been allowed to run for a third term he would have faced off against Donald Trump in 2016 Axelrod asked whether Obama believed that he could have defeated President Trump in 2020 in a hypothetical one-on-one matchup Obama did not take the bait there’s no way in hell that Obama would have even have one in 2016 let alone if he was able to run in 2020 he’s been an absolute disaster for this country we’re still trying to cover from the eight-year onslaught against the US Constitution he basically took the Constitution and wiped his backside with it for eight years he’s the only president that had not one but two credit downgrades never was over 2% GDP in any year we had the worst housing crisis ever we’ve had the worst economy we had the most people on food stamps we had over 93 million Americans not in the workforce and this buffoon this balloon headed idiot thinks that somehow the American people would have voted for a third term of that garbage I don’t know folks I think this guy is hanging out with the tomb gang again if you know what I mean anyway what are your thoughts please put them down in the comments below give us a like give us a share and continue to watch the next news network I’m Josh Bernstein filling in for Gary Franchi if you’d like to learn more about me please check out the Josh Bernstein show on YouTube we’ll see you next time stick around for a minute so I can share with you a special offer from trade genius yes the stock market has been on fire thanks to president Trump’s policies and now is a time for you to start thinking about investing to earn compound interest Bob Kula and the good folks at trade genius Academy they will train you how to make money whether the market is up or down in any condition their customers are making insane profits every day with Kryptos binary options or etf stock signals take 50% off November specials right now and get a free 30-minute personal coaching session with the man himself Bob Kula gift bundles are available to give the gift of investing this season make sure you check out trade genius and tell them that gary sent you thank you for watching that report if you want more subscribe to the channel by clicking on the next News Network logo right here you can also watch our latest news reports by clicking here or you can get the latest breaking news by clicking here or the most viral news on the channel 2 News at Hillary and Obama hate right here