Benny the beluga! Whale-watchers out in force to see Arctic giant | Entertainment News

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For the 40 whale watchers on the banks of the Thames in Kent yesterday it wasn’t utterly thrilling sight armed with binoculars and cameras and having travelled from far and wide they suddenly saw the still waters erupt as the gleaming white elegantly curved back of a beluga whale broke the surface an Arctic whale in graves and the habitat of this magnificent creature is in far chillier waters close to the North Pole debating polar bears battling killer whales in diving to depths of 2,300 feet and yet here it was some 2,000 miles away from homes enjoying the unseasonable warm weather and feedin…

Continue reading… n crustaceans inside of the seaside resorts of candy Island and southend-on-sea a beluga whale breaches in the River Thames close to graves and Kent concerns were growing for a beluga whale spotted in the River Thames Estuary but despite initial fears the very lost mammals life could be in danger the RSPCA assured Watchers venniese left has moved out towards the estuary which is a good sign pictured right is a stock image of a beluga whale a nicknamed Benny although it’s sex is unknown the whale that popped up in the river this week is a rare treat for wildlife enthusiasts [Music] there are 150,000 belugas but they’re usually found near Greenland Russia and North America yesterday Benny had moved several miles upstream from where it was first spotted on Tuesday by ecologist dave Andrews on the other side of the river baikal house for Dennis –ax we watched in breathless silence as the whale breached one to three times every four minutes we saw its spherical or breathing hold on the back of its huge bulbous melon head in the rich alone this five feet back Benny spent the morning feeding around three barges believe this are partial to Cod octopus squid and herring while moving slowly down towards the estuary towards freedom and the Arctic Circle the whale can feel the cold saline water of the incoming tide which it prefers to the warm fresh water of the temps said Clare dew of the RSPCA the whale doesn’t know where it is in relation to the North Pole but with luck it will navigate home using temperature as a guide for the moment vanish seems safe enough but must be lonely belugas are sociable creatures and travelling pods of 10 or more in summer they gather in groups of hundreds or even thousands a vote from the British divers marine life rescue an organization dedicated to the rescue and well-being of marine animals in distress around the UK Circle the barge close to where the whale keeps surfacing Benny was thousands of miles from the white species is natural home in Arctic waters an RNLI crew watch from their rape as a beluga whale swam in the Thames shared this article share they are