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hi there it’s WB and welcome to world broadcast YouTube channel before we get started make sure you hit the subscribe button and press Bell icon to never missed any latest news Bill Clinton’s accuser destroyed CNN’s anti Kavanagh bias with just one word CNN ran fake news and lies to try and destroy Brad Kavanagh they tried to use the hashmi to movement to take him down but one of Bill Clinton’s accusers fired back and shut down CNN with just one word Bill Clinton accuser speaks up anchors and analysts on CNN promoted the Hashmi to movement as a cultural reckoning they took this stance so t…

Continue reading… could hammer Brett Kavanaugh over false allegations of sexual misconduct but it was clear they were nothing more than partisan hypocrites Juanita Broderick credibly accused Bill Clinton of raping her back in 1978 no one ever called for the FBI to investigate those allegations in fact when she made them the media dismissed her story Broderick highlighted CNN’s hypocrisy when they referred what Bill Clinton did to her as harassment she said the right word is rape brihat barred reports on their exclusive email exchange with Broderick IT continues to be a gross understatement for CNN to refer to my claim of being raped by Bill Clinton as sexual harassment Roderick told Breitbart news by email but this is how they continue to handle questions to Hillary when will CNN have the fortitude to say my name and deus que her straight out do you believe Juanita Broderick SH she added I would also like for the question to be posed to Bill Clinton D I D you raped Juanita hickey in 1978 he has yet to answer Broderick explained that Bill Clinton was asked only once about her allegations in 1999 by Sam Donaldson and Clinton referred Donaldson to his attorney his attorney said Clinton D I D not rape Juanita rodrick Broderick believes Clinton’s attorney was being slippery with that answer because at the time of the alleged rape her name wasn’t Broderick IIT was hickey media bias on full display the media’s bias during the Cavanaugh Confirmation fight was disgusting Americans saw the media abandoned their claims of objectivity journalists threw in with the Democrats in order to destroy Cavanaugh’s nomination a hill dot TV / harris poll found 45% of Americans believed the media was biased against Cavett not just 20% said the press slanted their coverage in his favor and only 35% of Americans believed that the media’s coverage was straight down the middle even MSNBC’s joe scarborough who he admitted that some members of the media should be identified with a d4 democrat next to their names what we’ve seen the last week has made me want to call networks and put a deep in front of the name of the so-called journalists that have already decided that Brad Cavanaugh is a rapist he declared the media disgraced itself and the Cavanaugh fight Juanita Broderick helped point out how biased the press is their political activism on behalf of the Democrat Party is wh-why many Americans agree with Donald Trump when he says the fake news media is the enemy of the American people we will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing video please don’t forget to like and support our channel by press subscribe button dot thank you for watching