Body of a woman is discovered in a park playground | Entertainment News

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A woman’s body covered with the dark-colored jacket has been found into parka near a playground by a horrified council worker the body was found at Buffalo Creek Reserve in the exclusive suburb of Hunters Hill on Sidney’s lower North Shore on Wednesday morning [Music] drag marks up to 30 meters long were seen near the woman’s body and police are treating the death as suspicious 9 News reported homicide detectives have been notified after the grisly discovery it’s devastating because it’s such a quiet little area a neighbor told Daily Mail Australia every weekend the park is packed full of ki…

Continue reading… playing in families having barbecues it’s a lovely spot normally a council worker comes and opens the gates at sunrise and closes them at sunset and I believe he found the body [Music] an orange right on lawnmower remains parked just meters from where the body lives [Music] share this article share it’s believed the vehicle belongs to the horrified council worker who discovered the body and called police [Music] detectives were seen scouring the area for evidences forensic police photographed the body [Music] emergency services were called to the Pittwater road park at about 7.30 a.m. on Wednesday [Music] a crime scene has been established in an investigation into how the woman died is underway at NSW police spokesman said they were unable to confirm if the body which was closed when it was discovered was a man or a woman the spokesman said the body was found in the park near the main road and they are yet to confirm a cause of death [Music] we are already canvassing the area we will widen the search once the crime scene investigation has been completed [Music]