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All right everyone Boris Johnson is probably going to replace to raise some may over in the UK that’s good by the way and some people thought I was insulting him by saying he seemed like a chucklehead I’m not he seems like a funny dude there’s nothing wrong with that it looks like he’s the publicity stunt politician which is fine that’s probably what the UK needs look if you’re not going to be a great power in the world at least be self-deprecating and give us a lot more British humor about your crazy political system because it is an archaic system it’s a system in which you Kipp can get 20% …

Continue reading… the votes get no representation at all it’s a system in which people vote for leaving the EU and the heavier years later you’re still in the EU somehow because the can has been kicked down the road by globalists but Theresa May is leaving good riddance even people who initially support it or don’t like her Boris Johnson’s probably and he’s saying yeah there might be a hard breaks and that’s okay now he’s saying oh you need to be able to stare these people down that’s what you should have done in the first place what should have been done is Teresa may never should have been in charge of the negotiations anyway she was never in favor of Briggs in if you take someone who doesn’t like a situation put him in charge of negotiating it there’s not going to be a good outcome and that was by design the globalists put her in there in order to make sure that things dragged on as long as possible in order to make it as painful as possible to make it as embarrassing for the UK as possible to try to get people to demand a second referendum to not leave the EU when that didn’t end up materializing now they’re looking down the barrel of a gun they’re saying one of two things they want to happen there they want to deal that shitty that people will hate so that they’ll again eventually later on they’ll vote to rejoin the EU to get rid of that shitty deal which is what they’ll coax them towards or there’ll be a hard break that invade the globalists that run most of the UK’s economy as well as most of the rest of Europe’s economies they will bring the economy crashing down blame it on Briggs didn’t say we need to ameliorate this by rejoining to you we need to resub get ourselves to tyranny otherwise we will be abused and of course it’s very funny because what was it the Interceptor selling it leaked a bunch of diplomatic cables from the US the ambassador to the u.s. from the UK talking about bad about Trump that’s almost certainly to try to stay it’s a trick it’s a trick by globalist to try to prevent us from striking a lucrative trade deal with the UK to print – – in order to safeguard their economy which is what it would do the u.s. is a bigger economy than the European Union get a trade deal with us we’ll buy goods will sell you goods the European Union the European Union wants to the European Union’s behind-closed-doors cigar-smoking dark boardroom actual people running it they hate the UK right now they’re like oh my god causing so many problems in so many headaches why won’t they just let us fleece them of their money over and over again that’s basically what it boils down to a bunch of people in Brussels want your money they want to enslave you they were already cut up about the UK having certain internal stringencies with regards to the free movement of people in the Schengen area like well you know the UK in fact isn’t is an island with a tiny chunk of another island it’s a little bit different from you landlocked Continentals is a little bit different it’s very interesting so there will probably be a hard Bragg’s it scheduled for Halloween be a very spooky day it’s very very funny I hope that there is a hard break sit I wish the people of the UK well and rebuilding you know your first world status because you’re quickly losing it essentially if a country can be bullied around by all of its neighbors very funny because the European Union supposedly is to prevent problems between European countries to make things smooth and collectivized and and shitty to make things mediocre to make it so that everyone can have a living but nobody can really get ahead unless they were already on top to begin with that’s basically it because the people at the top don’t want the competition so it’s a redistributionist scheme to keep people you know basic passive and disarmed and eventually displace them in some cases and the EU is tyrannical and global istic and wrong but it was sold to people on hey we can work together be able to move freely and trade freely and then somehow you can’t do that unless you join our Federation or our post national conglomerate of states which will eventually become just Europe and and won’t be comprised of individual nations for any real purpose and already technically are just just go along with this or so so to speak just do it it’s very interesting so in the UK says no has a referendum it’s actually democratic oh my god it’s the death of democracy that people should vote on such a thing well you left it open in the used Constitution to allow people to hold such a referendum and so they’ve decided to do that and then people complain about it all day it’s hilarious to me so Boris Johnson doesn’t give a Gerace amazed like Oh at all costs we must stave off this heart breaks it she never wanted to breaks it if she had stayed in there that you know ten years from now you’d still be part of the EU and you’d still be having this conversation and you’d have more and more people saying let’s just have a second referendum and not leave hahaha yeah we win after years and years of struggle and holding the referendum in the first place well it’s a lien in half of our population and cause riots in the streets such a great idea let’s possibly cause the overthrow of our own government by being suicidally stupid that’s what would happen to probably I don’t think that the British population would go along with it even people who didn’t vote in favor of breaks it up I mean in polling there it seems like even a large proportion of them don’t want a second referendum like just do it just to just leave the EU later on we can rejoin and that’s what the globalist want they want them to leave hard Briggs at collapse the economy blame the brig’s of Tears and then a couple years later after some pain hold another referendum shall we rejoin the European Union as with fealty great fealty as subjects of Europe oh yes yes please take this recession away from us and of course it’ll be because of those same multinational ists whose money is mainly in Brussels not in London and that’s the whole point and Nigel Farraj knows this he won’t say it in those same terms because he’d get called a conspiracy theorist people would say he was hateful it’s hateful to point out how rich people can sometimes be corrupted if you’re a liberal nowadays you’re not supposed to call out the rich unless they specifically just donate to like the Republican Party or the Tory movement or zone then it’s okay you can say whatever you want but if they’re normal the global istic rich people that actually abuse others they’re beyond reproach especially if they happen to be of certain ethnicities and then you’re definitely not allowed to talk about them interesting how discriminatory the left is these days interesting a hateful they become and violent yeah I see lots of left-wing violence I don’t see actual mobs of right-wingers throwing rocks if people are playing the knockout game see that all the time with an tiffith oh they’re finally even getting even people even see it and call them out cuz they’re like aliens it’s getting problematic for us it’s getting difficult for us to defend these groups of communists here it’s very funny that’s about all peace out