Bournemouth woman attacks married lover after he ended their affair | Entertainment News

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Louise price has avoided a jail term for attacking the married man she had been having an affair with after he ended the fling a woman who beat up her married lover outside his gym after he ended their affair has avoided a jail sentence [Music] Louise Price from bournemouth dorset stalked and harassed cheating David Phillips for months after he told her he just wanted to be friends [Music] the 39 year old bombarded the married property manager with abusive texts and phone calls and followed him twice in her car matters came to a head when price tailed mr. Phillips to his gym where she confronted …

Continue reading… in the car park called him a liar and punched him four or five times in the face the father of three went to the police and supermarket worker price was charged with harassing him between march and obvious this year [Music] mother of three price said she met mr. Phillips in a pub in 2015 and the pair began having an on-off ephyra that lasted for three years [Music] magistrates heard that earlier this year he called off the affair after realizing it was a mistake leach under prosecuting said he realized it was a mistake and wanted to end it he told her he wanted to just be friends but she wanted more out of the relationship he eventually left his wife and the defendant perceived that is assigned to start the relationship again but mr. Phillips says that wasn’t his intention [Music] from that point onwards the attention really increased he had a minimum of ten calls a day from the defendant voicemails started to turn abusive she sent five or six text messages a day share this article share prosecutor mr. Turner added on April 25th he went to his gym [Music] he parked his car and got out he turned to see the defendant and she started shouting calling him a liar and the chief she punched him four or five times in the face that’s accepted there were further voicemails on April 28th [Music] he said the sheer volume of messages was intimidating even after he reported her to the police price continued to following mr. Philips including when he was with his daughters Nichola jinx defending said she had an affair with mr. phillips and there came a point that he left his wife [Music]