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This is a breaking news alert some more breaking news out of Washington DC liberals in panic mode after the Senate seals the fate of Judge Brett Kavanaugh yes there’s only one place to go friends and that is back to the Senate floor Jim Hoff for the gateway Punnett reports at three of four swing centers voted 51 to 49 to advance Judge Brett Kavanaugh to a final vote on confirmation on Saturday senators Susan Collins Jeff Flake and Democrat Joe Manchin all voted yes to advance judge Kavanaugh to that final vote senator Murkowski voted no to advance the Cavanagh nomination take a look the clerk w…

Continue reading… report the motion to invoke cloture cloture motion we the undersigned Senators in accordance with the provisions of rule 22 of the standing rules of the Senate do hereby move to bring to a close debate on the nomination of Brett M Cavanaugh to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States signed by 17 senators Jane Addams Consent the mandatory quorum call be life is there objection without an objection by Unanimous Consent the mandatory quorum call has been waived the question is is it the sense of the Senate that debate on the nomination of Brett M Kavanaugh of Maryland to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court shall be brought to a close the yeas and nays are mandatory under the rule the clerk will call the roll mr. Alexander ms Baldwin mr. Barroso mr. Bennett mr. Blumenthal mr. Blunt senators voting in the affirmative Alexander Barrasso blunt Bozeman burr Caputo Cassidy Collins corker Cornyn cotton senators voting in the negative baldwin Bennet Booker Brown Cantwell Cardin Casey Coons Cortes Masto Duckworth as far as brickowski is concerned friends you know exactly what to do up in Alaska yeah it’s time for her to go Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill who also voted no has dropped 10 points in the last month since the Democrats launched their despicable smear campaign against Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Friday morning Josh Hawley joined America’s newsroom to discuss the Senate cloture vote to advance judge Kavanagh to a final confirmation vote and he blasted senator McCaskill to voting with Democrats as she always does when they need her there is not one instance when Claire McCaskill did not join the Democrats when they needed her vote watch this well and listen and I’m looking forward to the confirmation of Judge Cavanaugh this is something that the people of my state voted for bill when they entrusted president Trump voting him voting for him by 20 points it’s because they trusted him to put pro-constitution judges on the bench to see senator McCaskill vote no this morning to advance the nomination is extremely disappointing but I have to say typical because she’s been part of the smear campaign from the beginning it’s true and Missouri voters are watching in liberals they’re in panic mode take a look do you feel that he was afforded the presumption of innocence this is a job interview and the question is about the evidence that’s presented and the credibility of her claim do you believe that just Cavanaugh had presumption of innocence got a fair shake in the hearing no I think that he didn’t give himself a fair share because he lied the entire time you believe judge Kavanaugh was given the presumption of innocence is this a court of law why do you believe judge Kavanaugh shouldn’t be confirmed I feel like he lied multiple times that is not the behavior of someone who understands do you believe that he was given a fair chance at his confirmation fair chance this man is sitting amongst friends of his the people who should be making decisions about what they need and what they deserve not the rich white man who doesn’t give Wow that last one though totally nuts at least a cloture vote has gone through setting up the confirmation for Saturday now all we can do is wait and of course laugh at the trigger and liberals comment below we’ll see you at the next report for the next news network I’m Gary Franchi imagine being one of those lucky people who are in a million bucks a year all your worries would be over right well then you get a bill through the post saying you owe two hundred million dollars so much debt it’s impossible to pay off even if you’re making a million dollars a year now like you earning a million dollars America sure doing fine but cannot pay a twenty trillion dollar debt that Obama racked up when he was in office no matter what President Trump does now the interest on the money alone is crippling us okay relying on the government for your financial security is no longer an option okay they won’t have the money and you have to start fending for yourself and that starts with precious metals that is why you need to call noble gold oh yes my friends you need to call them right now the telephone numbers eight seven seven six four six five three four seven and they will talk you through what you can do to stop going under with the US dollar okay the government can interfere with a dollar as much as it likes but if you have gold in your hands if you have gold in your hands it’s yours yes noble gold we’ll be the ones that give it to you and it’s for keeps they are all you need give them a call right now eight seven seven six four six five three four seven thank you for watching that report if you want more subscribe to the channel by clicking on the next News Network logo right here you can also watch our latest news reports by clicking here or you can get the latest breaking news by clicking here or the most viral news in the channel 2 News at Hillary and Obama hate right here