BREAKING NEWS: Cruz says he’s willing to participate in debate with O’Rourke on CNN | Trending News

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Cruz says he’s willing to participate in debate with O’Rourke on CNN senator Ted Cruz our Texas said Friday that he is now willing to debate representative bado O’Rourke D on CNN The Associated Press reported Cruz’s announcement came during a campaign stop in Houston on Friday the same day Aurora can ounce that his campaign had raised more than 38 million dollars in the third quarter of this year a howl that would rival that of a presidential campaign O’Rourke was previously scheduled to appear solo in a town hall in McAllen Texas on October 18th Cruz had initially accepted CNN’s invitatio…

Continue reading… o participate in the town hall event but declined earlier this week according to a network official for CNN senator Ted Cruz’s campaign initially accepted CNN’s invitation to participate but has since declined CNN said in an announcement on Tuesday to be clear the Cruz campaign proposed that CNN host one of the crews O’Rourke debates the O’Rourke campaign declined at CNN subsequently offered back-to-back town halls in which we are unable to participate Cruz’s campaign manager Jeff Roe wrote in a tweet that day a spokesperson for Cruz however told the hill on Friday that Cruz never accepted CNN’s invitation to participate in the town hall event we have always said that is not useful for Texas voters we need the Bates one-on-one so voters know the difference in their policies the spokesperson said Cruz is now challenging O’Rourke to debate him during his Town Hall Cruz’s spokesperson added Cruz was critical of the network earlier this year after one of CNN’s graphics accused him of being afraid to appear on the network by attending a town hall about school shootings following the February mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in parkland FL a Cruz and Aurora car locked in a tight Senate race in deep red Texas with the Republican incumbent leading by six in the el Clear Politics polling index a Quinnipiac University poll released early Thursday showed Cruz with a nine-point lead over a Roarke O’Rourke winning the Texas Senate race is seen as one of a few ways in which Democrats could secure control of the upper chamber the party needs to flip two seats to have a majority in the Senate the two are set to debate on Tuesday in San Antonio