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2019-01-21T11:01:12+00:00 January 21st, 2019|

Giuliani confirms Trump impeachable offense with Cohen false testimony former federal prosecutor Cynthia Allison said Giuliani’s statements confirm that Trump knew that Michael Cohen to Congress which is an impeachable offense for failure to execute the laws of the United States Allison said on MSNBC of Giuliani’s adjusted Moscow deal timeline it matters this way it backs up the general impression and he did nothing about it when we know he went in and lied I’m sorry that Cohen went into the Congress and he lied when he did that the president knew he was lying that is a failure to faithful…

Continue reading… execute the laws and will eventually come back around in any impeachment proceedings the adjusted Moscow deal time line has a ripple effect on all the other false statements that Trump has made about doing business in Russia it also impacts the president’s role in crimes committed by others reportedly at his direction Trump could be impeached on a lot of potential charges there is not going to be a shortage of crimes to list in any articles of impeachment but one of the easiest to prove is going to be his failure to uphold and execute the laws of the of the United States the presidential oath of office isn’t for show those aren’t just empty words that Trump said two years ago if Giuliani is willing to make statements that can lead to impeachment the logical conclusion is that Trump is more worried about being indicted than impeached to put it another way the president and his lawyers have decided that impeachment is the preferable path for Trump over indictment Alexson was right the sunday statements by Rudy Giuliani are going to come back to haunt Trump in any impeachment proceedings