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Rumors swirled that Representative Mike Rogers was spying Trump campaign former representative Mike Roberts could be outed as a spy embedded within the Trump campaign according to reports on Sunday George papadopolis tweeted that Congress is aware of the identity of the spy within the Trump campaign and will likely include it in a report soon the conservative three house comm reports there was always something sketchy about decepticon former representative Mike Rogers and former head of the House Intelligence Committee being on the Trump team as a national security adviser to the campaign the guy…

Continue reading… brutally deep stayed sketchy way back in 2014 when FC chairman Rogers and Charles Dutch Ruppersberger Pandit stunningly obtuse and ridiculous Benghazi report we knew something was terribly afoul in both the intelligence community and the congressional oversight there em for the sake of absorption I won’t repeat it all here but go deep and you’ll see it clear as friggin day the rogers proper springer report is specifically designed by working to provide political cover to both parties Republicans and Democrats within the gang of eight particularly included and protected it is professional obfuscation in structure content and wording Representative Mike Rogers retired immediately after writing that insufferable cover story so how did decepticon rogers come to be an advisor to the Trump campaign when Rogers joined back in 2016 cth kept asking who would be stupid enough to hire this notorious Depp stay operative as a campaign adviser the entire setup looked sketchy as heck in hindsight it sure does make sense now after the election in mid-november 2016 right before NSA director Rogers made his unscheduled and unapproved visit to Trump Tower for a private conversation with president-elect Trump to discuss things presumably related to Spygate the other Decepticon Mike Rogers was kicked off the transition team by a Washington Post – Rogers a widely respected former FBI agent who had in the House Intelligence Committee had been seen as a figure of stability and continuity in intelligence matters he was mentioned as a possible next director of the CIA or Director of National Intelligence but Rogers was told last week and by rekt airborne executive director of the transition team that he was being removed from his role in the national security group advising Trump he was replaced by representative Devin nonni’s Republican California who took over as the committee’s chairman after Rogers left Congress in 2014 when decepticon Rogers was quietly kicked off the team and no explanation was given and the Washington Post was unhappy and we knew there was an ongoing battle within the intelligence community our suspicions of decepticon Rogers went from twitchy to full-blown warning flares and signal rockets we knew something was up in hindsight and against the backdrop of Carter Page and George papadopolis being set up for spy gate Alberta donut Decepticon Mike Rogers was involved what do you think comment below the video share if you find this information useful share if you agree subscribe channel for more video wake-up channel to bring you the truth thanks for watching [Music]