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Trump just revealed his laughable plan to beat Mueller in his wildest Twitter rant yet this time the outburst was almost certainly prompted by the fact that Mueller is expected to release more documents on his investigation today and presumably the president is deeply worried about what they might contain in a lengthy tweet storm the president attacked both Mueller and fired FBI director James Comey went after the Clinton Foundation alleged unfounded conflicts of interest within the Russia probe rambled about the Supreme Court impugn Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and lumped former…

Continue reading… A director John Brennan former Director of National Intelligence James clapper and several FBI agents together in a nonsensical conspiratorial Hadj guilt and paranoia drip from every tweet and make it abundantly clear that the president is panicking the man is losing it but he wasn’t done there hoping to launch a preemptive tech on what is sure to be negative news coverage for the administration later in the day Trump tweeted out that it has been incorrectly reported that Rudy Giuliani and his other minions aren’t compiling a counter to the Mueller report Trump was referring to numerous reports that indicate the defense strategy inside the White House is incredibly chaotic and unprepared for the coming Mueller storm the so-called counter Mueller report is either a complete mess or doesn’t exist at all the fact that Giuliani a man who recently befuddled himself on Twitter so badly that he accidentally ended up sharing a message accusing Trump of being a traitor is in charge of the counter report tells you everything you need to know about it the former NYC mayor has become unraveled and incoherent and the idea that he can mount a successful challenge to Mueller a methodical and intelligent investigator is laughable Trump brag that the counter report is 87 pages so far which is a meaningless statement who cares how long it is if it’s going to amount to essentially page after page of screeching about fake news there is no reason to believe that the administration has any kind of exculpatory evidence if they did they would surely have produced it by now roughly an hour later Trump once again tweeted about his little counter report this time insisting that his opposition to the Mueller investigation is out of respect for the presidency and his fear that future presidents will be mistreated of course it’s unlikely that future presidents will be crooks like Trump and after this entire sordid affair even less likely that they’ll decide to collude with a foreign country to steal an election thank you for watching the video please subscribe to my channel please share video with everyone share your thoughts in the comments section below