BREAKING: Trump threw nearly 2 Million federal workers under the Bus | Trending News

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Trump just threw nearly 2 million federal workers under the bus Donald Trump continues to throw a tantrum over his proposed border wall and it appears he will stop at nothing to get it on Saturday following a week of an ongoing government shutdown Trump decided to sign an executive order that will freeze the pay of around 2 million public employees in 2019 besides already causing hundreds of thousands of federal workers to work without pay Trump will add to that number according to common dreams this is just pouring salt into the wound declared Tony Reardon president of the National Treasu…

Continue reading… Employees Union which represents around 100,000 federal workers it is shocking that federal employees are taking yet another financial hit as if missed paychecks and working without pay were not enough now they have been told that they don’t even deserve a modest pay increase Trump claimed that he signed the executive order because of the need to put our nation on a fiscally sustainable course this is contradicting as his sudden concern for the budget deficit comes just months after he signed into law 1.5 trillion dollar in tax cuts which have disproportionately flowed to wealthy Americans and large corporations president Trump pushed through a tax scam that gave unprecedented handouts to billionaires and corporations but believes it’s too expensive to pay hard-working federal workers a reasonable wage wrote representative barbara Lee D California following Trump’s August announcement we’re sort of being held hostage in the middle and we have families and obligations Dena IV a furloughed probate specialist in the Anchorage office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs told the New York Times on Friday I don’t know if I’m going to be able to make rent I’m basically living on credit now