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Video Transcription

Broncos market King creates video for Raiders HC Jon Gruden heavy calm Denver Broncos punter market King created a video for Jon Gruden Denver Broncos punter market King has no interest in letting his feud with the Oakland Raiders and Jon Gruden end not yet and not for the foreseeable future either after the Broncos knocked off the Raiders on a last-second field goal came almost immediately released a custom video which featured a Chucky doll Gruden’s nickname this isn’t the first we’ve heard from King about how things ended with the Raiders and his apparent disdain for Gruden himself previous drama between King and Raiders earlier this offseason the all-pro punter posted a video of himself in front of the Raiders team headquarters doing his infamous phony dance that was sort of a fun poke at his old team you could say but it has collated a bit after the Raiders opted to trade calmac to the Chicago Bears King took to social media to send a message to Oakland and finally we had Kings direct comments or a lack of comment about Gruden when the punter was asked about him ahead of Sunday’s matchup as Mike Liz of nine News revealed h /t Zach Cal Berman of 247 sports team opted to take a unique route to put his feelings on the Raiders coach out when asked about Gruden specifically the response was a close to a non answer as you can imagine who’s that King said to my place of 9news I don’t know who you’re talking about if you’re a fan of either of these teams and enjoy the drama then you should be in for a treat but if things like this aren’t up your alley then strap in and prepare for what could be a headache for a few months especially ahead of week 16 when the Broncos and raiders meet again