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Browns Baker Mayfield reactions barstool sports wins the day heavy calm after a headline-making moment in sports a big play huge win or the end of a 635 day winless streak Twitter reaction pieces are always fun and what Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield did on Thursday Night Football was more than worthy of a reaction rundown considering its in thesaurus world into a frenzy but during and after the Mayfield led comeback against the New York Jets it was barstool sports who took the crown not LeBron James Alex Bregman Baker’s college coach he was close and no not even Nellie in case you missed it here’s a look at how last night’s coverage of Mayfield and the Browns went from start to finish note some of the below tweets or NSFW even if you don’t get it this was a win NSFW Baker making people look silly let the fun begin we even saw Baker Mayfield crowned MVP immediately when the wind seemed very possible : cowherd called out in perfect fashion Hugh Jackson’s horrible response was predicted the video that will stay viral and forever a new holiday was even created the return of no shirt swish hash winning Baker Mayfield for president and a little jet shade as a parting gift it was a start to finish Baker Mayfield a son and hid it from all angles stories like Mayfield and his superb comeback win over the Jets are just part of what makes football so great