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All right everyone this is actually very important news now this is double-sided for his campaign but but a gig has managed to raise more money even than Joe Biden in the second quarter of the campaign now part of that is Biden slid backwards a bit I think he was higher than that in the first quarter barely jumped in but it shows that buddy gig is a force to be reckoned with with regards to one thing which is corporate donations see he’s becoming the corporate can and I think that if you’re like a a neoliberal corporation you don’t really want to have to pay more taxes you don’t want a far lef…

Continue reading… emocrat it will actually raise the business tax and eliminate loopholes you want them to focus on my evil rich independent individuals like doctors and lawyers go ahead and tax them more put it in the individual income brackets don’t you come from my business taxes unless you give me more loopholes that’s usually what Democrats have done Obama did this he raised the taxes the big multinationals never paid anything that’s the way it works because they donate to the campaigns but a gig is now their candidate it looks like some of them are siding with Biden but some of them got flighting they said well I’m not sure that Biden is gonna be able to do it because he’s old he’s nuts and he says weird he does stupid things so but here’s this younger dude he looks kind of cool and he’s you know even though buddy gig came out said what we need to go further left to outflank Trump yeah but you look at what he’s actually proposing and by the standards of the Dems that are on the field he looks more moderate it’s again perception over reality it even business owners multinational business owners make tactical decisions based on perception till they try their best to avoid that but they do that’s just the way that it works there’s still human except for Zuckerberg he’s a generation 2.5 synth in the same class as Nick Valentine sometimes he has a little bit of a problem yeah yeah although he’s not as good as Nick Faldo he’s one of the bad personalities they inserted into his programming I guess fallout for reference by the way great game I like saying that because it antagonizes all of the fanboys of the hid the pre Bethesda era but uh anyway seeing Pete but a geek out raised and outspent Biden’s something to behold he’s not even 40 and he’s hauling in what was a 25 million Biden epoch twenty-one Sanders came in third Warren and Kamala are trailing I think some of the candidates I don’t believe have released their totals yet probably because other than the top five candidates for the most part nobody else is raising jack-shit it’s probably the six-figure range instead of seven or eight figures how much did cory booker bring in i think he listed his i couldn’t remember what it was you know the imagine williamson you’re like oh yeah i got 60 bucks yeah that doubles quarter one yeah now i can take a bus trip back to DC finally after living in this commune for the last three weeks that’s basically what her campaign isn’t that you’ve gotten people like gavin stuff they have small core fan bases that are quite loyal having a few tens of thousands of people give you a few dollars a piece is not enough to keep a presidential campaign going the sad truth is that it costs at least some millions of dollars to run a viable skeleton Krew campaign it takes tens or hundreds of millions to run a normal campaign and if you’re talking about some of the big corporate campaigns that are heavily reliant on like TV and radio ads it can cost upwards of a billion bucks and it’s grotesque it shouldn’t be that way what i think we should do here’s how i think campaign should be financed citizens united should be done away with that was the most terrible decision ever it’s totally ridiculous it allows corporations and banks to buy candidates basically which is what they do that’s why the trump v hillary clinton thing was so novel because it looked like the republican ran away with it in the primaries self funds and manages to hoodwink the entire establishment i’m still hoping that’s the case with some of the going on now maybe so here’s the thing though what ends up happening in a proper system is one person one donation one business one donation and then some public funding for debates and basic things essentially the top placers within you know the top four parties in or the top six or seven candidates they’re of independent candidates we get a small amount of public money which would provide basic transport and you know messaging and stuff on public platforms which need to be equal other than that they can get one donation per person and one each person in the united states would be able to donate let’s say a thousand dollars maximum it would be capped you don’t have to donate it all to one person you don’t need 500 and 500 there this is for both the primaries in the general and so they would do that and then each business additional to that because we know corporations of people know they’re not the bad people anyway additional singular donation that means Facebook and your local Mon PHA bookstore get the same capped small donation per capita ten thousand or something that would be a proper system because it would get corporate money largely out of politics while still allowing those people the fact that they are a job creator these yeah I don’t have a problem having that little extra voice but it’s got to be a low cap they’ve got to understand they’re no better than any other business just because they happen to be large they can’t speak for their employees in many cases they speak for the exact opposite of their employees best interests in a lot of cases yeah lightly like bail and these other groups they sponsor a bunch of neoliberals that want to force their employees to buy into unions they’re not even members of it’s ridiculous by the way that was ended by the Supreme Court thankfully you can’t force people to pay for a union that doesn’t even represent them because they’re not part of it I think personally unions should be strictly voluntary the idea of forcing people into unions is nuts you want to voluntarily great when it should always be legal for a union to be created there shouldn’t be union busting going on but if they don’t want to be part of it if I say hey I’ll work for your business I don’t want to be part of this Union them who cares about it let people protect themselves if they think that they’re better qualified than a union to do that anyway and speak for their own mind as far as buddy goes though I mean again it’s sort of like a Biden story only younger Biden passes for a moderate within the Democratic Party now he’s not his tax proposals his health care overhaul proposals is his educational over all of those things are far left ten years ago they would have been seen as on the Left dish the liberal side of the Liberal Party now they’re seen as center-right within the Democrats but that’s because the party has left behind any semblance of sanity but a geek says it sounds just slightly further left than Biden and every single person on the stage says yeah we want to give free health care to illegal immigrants but some of them don’t even want to really give free health care to Americans in regardless it’s going to cause a massive tax hike they’re not talking about eliminating any other form of entitlement program to pay for it yeah I enjoy the idea of paying a 60% tax rate for shitty health care thank you Joe Biden you are so the government is so benevolent I am so happy that this has happened thank you for taking my money and spending it on things you think I need you can spend it so much more wisely than I can no you can absolutely no you can’t I can invest it much more sound leaving a central planning system can you’re talking about and move towards communism your time a central planning you’re talking about the government absorbing yet another massive aspect of Americans lives it’s not proper shouldn’t be happening how a lot of the functions of government that are already there should be privatized or eliminated or given back to states and municipalities most of their functions should be federal government should be in charge of only very small number of things strike a trade deal make sure we have free trade run the military to make sure you know that the free trade is promulgated you know throughout the seat a sign is shining sea and we’re not getting invaded and stuff and and oversee very limited taxation for the most important infrastructure within the country and for the most basic rudiments of regulation to keep workers you know workers protection Environmental Protection and stuff that’s all the federal government needs to do and it would do it a lot better if the you didn’t have all of these different bureaucracies strangling each other you can cut their tax rate in half and people wouldn’t even notice that other than they’d have more in their paycheck at the end of the month it’s the only difference would be made so but a geek out raising even Joe Biden doing quite well he’s probably raised more money than the entire bottom half of the field did in the quarter – that’s pretty formidable he’s got enough in his war chest right now to stay throughout the primaries the problem is will he continue to get enough money in the general is he a big money Kennedys he’s not Joe Biden he doesn’t have quite as much recognition in star power as Biden does so they’ve got a live gonna weigh that very very carefully but then he’s a lot more coherent than fighting this – that’s about all peace out