Chas’s wife and co-star Dave reveal pneumonia killed late musician | Entertainment News

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Chaz hodges of the iconic music duo chasm Dave died of pneumonia according to the band’s official Twitter page [Music] thanking fans for the thousands of messages of support since the performer died on Saturday aged 74 the post clarified that II did not die of cancer after he was diagnosed last year the message written on behalf of Jessa’s wife Joan as well as his children in cope or former Dave peacock read for the record we would like to clarify the Chaz did not die of cancer share this article share the doctor’s final diagnostic was pneumonia and the cancer with under control at the time of …

Continue reading… th we feel this is important to say that Ches wanted to bring comfort and hope to people suffering with cancer through his own experience with the disease and it would mean a lot to him that the hope remains the clarification came after the duo’s page issued a statement on September 2nd saying that the performer had passed away peacefully the original statement mentioned recent treatment for esophageal cancer it read it is with tremendous sadness that we announced the passing of our very own Chaz Hodges [Music] despite receiving successful treatment for esophageal cancer recently chest suffered organ failure and passed away peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of this morning when Hodges was diagnosed with cancer the jr. responded by writing a song called sling your hook which Hodges told the Mail on Sunday was his f off to cancer his songs are in the memories of millions Pro Cheryl Baker to Tom Watson tribute pour in for Chaz the boy from Middlesex who grew up to write cockney classics and star in beer and baked bean ads Charles Nicholas Chaz Hodges was born in Edmonton Middlesex in December 1943 he was of singer pianist and also played the guitar based in banjo dot before founding Chas & Dave with peacock and drummer Mick Burt Hodges worked as a session musician and played for