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Chiefs Patrick mahomes breaks NFL record watch every TD pass heavy calm Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick mahomes broke an NFL record in week two it took Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick mahomes just twenty three completed passes to throw six touchdowns against the Pittsburgh Steelers the second-year quarterback was dominant for a second straight week and as the team revealed mahomes 10 touchdown passes through two games broken NFL record in week one the Chiefs quarterback threw for 256 yards and four touchdowns his week two performance was even more dominant as he improved in quite a few areas of his game mahomes was not only able to lead his wide receivers to the end zone with ease but he also completed 23 of 28 passes for 326 yards and posted a 150 4.8 quarterback rating following the huge performance from the 22 year old let’s take a look at each of his record-breaking touchdown passes from the first two weeks Terry kill maven looked too easy on the 58 yarder and another in week one for Tiger Joaquin score Patrick mahomes threads the needle with perfect touch Hey look another Tyreke Ltd from the homes it took a while to get here but it’s week two mahomes throwing darts to all his wideouts Green Hunt lending a hand or stiff arm on this one [Applause] Travis Kelce again off a dime from the homes the accuracy on this one though it’s a tie retail sighting in week two through two games this gives mahomes a total stat line a 38 of 55 for 582 passing yards 10 touchdowns no interceptions and 39 rushing yards it’s safe to say that youths haven’t just found their franchise quarterback but that fans can rest easy with the decision to part ways with Alex Smith this offseason mahomes and the Chiefs will host the San Francisco 49ers in week three which is their first home game of the 2018 NFL season the home crowd is surely ecstatic about seeing their young signal color in person for the first time this year