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hi there its WB and welcome to world broadcast YouTube channel before we get started make sure you hit the subscribe button and press Bell icon to never missed any latest news kristinb Lacey Ford will not pursue further action against Brett Kavanaugh today’s actions culminated in weeks and months of deliberations the Senate has voted and justice Cavanaugh is now a member of the United States Supreme Court but it was not without controversy the vote was narrow it was 52 48 something that was found out just yesterday after swing Senate voters made their announcements about how they would vot…

Continue reading… ow judge Cavanaugh’s accuser has spoken out the daily wire reported lawyers for kristinb Lacey Ford say she will not take steps to pursue further action against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh whom she accused of sexually assaulting her when they were both minors for its attorney Debra Katz told CNN’s Dana Bash on Friday that her client will not see Cavanaugh’s impeachment should he be confirmed through the Supreme Court she also indicated her client does not regret coming forward with her allegations which have not been corroborated bash had asked cuts and Ford’s other attorney Lisa banks whether Ford would seek to have Cavanaugh impeached if Democrats regained control of the Senate after the midterm elections professor Ford has not asked for anything of the sort Kat said what she did was to come forward and testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee and agreed to cooperate with any investigation by the FBI and that’s what she sought to do here banks said that Ford just wanted to provide her story to the Senate Judiciary Committee and that she has no regrets for doing so I don’t think she has any regrets I think she feels like she did the right thing banks said and this was what she wanted to do which was provide this information to the committee so they could make the best decision possible and I think she still feels that was the right thing to do so I don’t think she has any regrets Ford said that Cavanaugh pinned her to a bed when she was 15 and he was 17 attempted to remove her clothes and put his hand over her mouth when she tried to scream she named three other people who were allegedly at the small gathering where this occurred but all three said they had no memory of such a party for told no one of the alleged assault and tell couples therapy in 2012 when Cavanaugh’s name was being circulated as a potential Supreme Court pick if MIT Romney won the election then she only said she was sexually assaulted by someone who is now important in Washington DC’s she would later tell her husband and Friends that it was a federal judge she didn’t name Kavanaugh until summer 2016 when his name appeared on lists of President Donald Trump’s potential Supreme Court picks her attorneys made no mention of filing a police report against Kavanaugh as many have stated that there is no statute of limitations in Maryland where the assault was alleged to have occurred Ford is a professor of psychology who works at Palo Alto University in California she previously served as a research psychologist at Stanford University in their School of Medicine her work specifically focuses on designing statistical models for unique research projects just a month ago she publicly alleged that justice Cavanaugh tried to rape her while she was at a party in high school this allegedly took place in 1982 in Bethesda Maryland Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding her allegations and she answered questions from both Republican and Democratic senators shortly after her testimony was given her lawyers refused to hand over her therapy notes which allegedly corroborate her story the Federal Bureau of Investigation did not question her during their investigation and during that process they did not turn over those notes she personally said she was in favor of the investigation after her testimony Senator Jeff Flake voted to advance the vote on the nomination passed the committee but indicate he would not support the nomination on the Senate floor without an investigation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation after the investigation took place senator flake gave justice Cavanaugh his support as did senator Susan Collins and Senator Joe Manchin who were also considered swing voters share if you agree that Judge Cavanaugh as the right man for the job sheriff you are ashamed at what people have put his family through Sheriff you are glad justice Cavanaugh is now on the Supreme Court sheriff you think it is the right thing for Ford to do to drop the issue share if you agree people are innocent until proven guilty and they should not be convicted due to a mob mentality share if you support Republican senators and the US Senate and on the Senate Judiciary Committee for staying true to what is right and for looking for the facts and not focusing on the emotions please don’t forget to like and support our channel by press subscribe button dot thank you for watching