Chuck Schumer Is On The Verge Of This Massive Embarrassment! | Trending News

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hi there its WB and welcome to world broadcast YouTube channel before we get started make sure you hit the subscribe button and press Bell icon to never miss any latest news Chuck Schumer is on the verge of this massive embarrassment President Trump just announced the grand compromise to end a shutdown but Chuck Schumer and the Democrats refused to budge a single inch and when the bill goes down the full blame for the shutdown will fall squarely on Chuck Schumer’s shoulders you see Trump’s grand compromise consists of two key bills and they’re both headed to the Senate for roll call votes …

Continue reading… h of these bills could reopen the government immediately and they would each fund Trump’s requests for stronger border security but the kicker is Chuck Schumer holds the power to block each of them the bills need 60 votes to pass that means at least several Democrats must cross the aisle and vote with the g-o-p but since Schumer directs the votes for Democrats that’s unlikely to happen and when the bills fail Schumer and the Democrats will be exposed their feigned outrage over the government shutdown will be revealed as another dishonest ploy a band of charade will crumble like a house of cards on the other hand Republicans are hard at work president Trump lined out the grueling schedule to meet with lawmakers Trump is working with the congressman to finally come to a solution and many of them are coming on board if his plan succeeds the shutdown could be over this week and a president is pushing his caucus to make it happen Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has his team working day and night he’s already cancelled a scheduled recess and his staff are burning the midnight oil but all this effort may be in vain the Democrats off signaled they won’t budge an inch and Chuck Schumer is driving his party to lock arms Schumer and Nancy Pelosi whipping the Democrats into a frenzy they know that they need a firewall to block the pressure coming down from the president but there’s one thing they can’t hold out against if the American people speak up the Democrats will be in hot water as Schumer and Pelosi dig and tighter they dig their own hole deeper every day they grow more extreme and Americans are starting to see the problem already folks are waking up to the issue Trump’s endless work to find a compromise is bearing fruit the people can plainly see he’s working for them and the Democrats are doing just the opposite even a bill just to pay federal workers was shut down because this isn’t about helping people it’s about political power but for once a Republican is standing up to the Liberals agenda they’re shocked to learn that President Trump won’t back down easily Democrats are used to always getting their way every day Trump stands strong is another slap in the face to the Democrats with the media on their side they believe they can convince Americans of anything even their radical agenda to open the border to Mexico and flood the nation with new voters voters they planted by with government handouts the one problem is President Trump but soon the tables will change when Trump’s grant compromise is blocked by Democrats the truth will be revealed Chuck Schumer will be exposed and the Democrats will have no ploy to hide behind now what remains to be seen is whether Democrats will blindly follow Schumer’s direction or whether some will cross the aisle in support of Trump please don’t forget through liked and support our channel by press subscribe button dot thank you for watching