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Every once in a while the talking heads in the mainstream media slip and let their guard down and reveal the truth this time it was Chuck Todd blaming Barack Obama before I get to that stop paying for overpriced insurance go to patriot Rachel calm right now cut your insurance rates substantially and save big with Patriots calm they’re a veteran owned company that you can trust visit patriots calm for a free quote on Auto health and life insurance and stop paying for over price insurance visit patriot race comm today for your free quote now back to the news I love my freedom reports in a shocking…

Continue reading… atement NBC host Cooke Todd who happens to be very liberal stated that the former President Barack Obama that he is responsible for America’s political divide in the interview with robert Francis O’Rourke on his show Meet the Press Todd asked a Democrat 2020 candidate about healing America’s divided take a look when I heard you say up there they came to an F points short I was thinking what if you hadn’t would you mean Waterloo today arrogance but my I don’t know that I would be in in Waterloo and Kia Cook and all the other communities I’ve been in to run for president I was I was running to serve my state in the United States Senate and made that commitment that I was going to serve everyone in six years in that position of public trust but I have an opportunity now to do something that I think the country badly needs or maybe I should put it this way I get the chance to be part of something that becomes you badly needs and that is coming together at this very divided moment and not just coming together for the sake of it although that’s important enough but coming together so that we can achieve these really ambitious goals that we have you know the first candidate to say I’m gonna bring this country together most recent Democratic president a lot of people put their hope in the thought he was the answer that was going to do that yeah why do you think that didn’t happen in Obama’s eight years what was hard and what why do you think you’ll be able to go yeah III don’t know I know that President Obama worked incredibly hard to find common grounds with Republicans and Democrats alike took the message to the the entire country but I’ll say he was able to achieve a heck of a lot in in those eight years yeah and we’re undoing that madness now but it’s pretty shocking the NBC halls would actually admit that Barack Obama did something wrong he couldn’t bring the country together yeah there’s definitely truth to that statement has always been a political divide in America okay since its founding that’s just how human nature is but Obama brought a new and more dangerous level of divide in this country during his eight years in office Obama who by today’s standard is a moderate Democrat was pretty far left for the time that he won in his election of 2008 however over time Obama began to bring the Democrat Party further and further left so much so that we now are seeing self-professed socialist running in winning office as Obama a straight-up socialist no no even though somebody argue yes but he definitely cleared the way for socialists like Alexander Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders to have a chance to win in America’s election so why is this significant Obama’s far left positions started to lead the Democrat Party down a road that is veering further and further left which is widening the political divide in America more and more the further left the Democrats go the more divided America will become another important thing to note from Obama’s eight years in office is how the left began to feel entitled when it came to running our country they became so used to having absolute power and control an America that they felt like it was theirs and they felt that it was the norm when Donald Trump came into the picture and disrupted their party the Left became unhinged which is why we see this very dangerous political climate today the fact of the matter as Hillary Clinton was supposed to win it was her turn Democrats expected that she would be the next president and when it didn’t happen they became outraged and began to take every single opportunity they could to attack president Trump and cock Todd admitting that Obama is somewhat responsible for the division our country is a step in the right direction if we truly want healing in America instead of pointing fingers at conservatives the people in the media need to follow Todd’s lead so we can start healing our country and put the blame where it belongs comment 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