Clinton Doublespeak on Immigration, Says Europe Needs Reform to “Thwart Populism” | Trending News

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All right everyone it’s very funny to see Hillary Clinton say something that’s technically saying although she’s doing it for like politically opportunistic reasons you know that now her remarks with regards to European migration she’s like well we do need no no open borders isn’t going to work you need to reform your system to stave off the rise of populism oh my god populism what a terrible thing you mean government should primarily represent their own native population to the exclusion of other groups in times of stress oh my goodness what a revolutionary idea that’s the government by the p…

Continue reading… le and for the people as opposed to a government by a bunch of oligarchs who ultimately just want multinational slave labor that’s really what globalism isn’t and Clinton is doing the thing that some of Eastern Europe is doing with regards to the European experiment so-called to begin with it’s like I’ve mentioned this Poland and the Czech Republic and some of these nations that have stood against like the European Union abusing Hungary they’re not Euroskeptic States they’re extremely aro file that is Poland feels much more strongly in favor of the EU than the French do or the Swedes which a lot of people don’t get but the way in which they want to hold that Union together is by not being aggressive to its member states which is the opposite of what Merkel and Hollande want to do the opposite of what Brussels has done now for a number of years their reaction to the Euroskeptic movements and a populism and nativism and nationalistic uprisings is to try to crush them that’s that’s the way of German politics specifically now you know who’s in charge really in Brussels it’s a bunch of German oligarchs there their response inevitably is going to be the same kick some skulls in slap sanctions on groups spy on people and and basically be totalitarian and dystopia the Eastern Europeans know that that doesn’t work because they were behind the Iron Curtain and so they’re trying to warn the Western Europeans this is not going to work that the fact that it’s the EU a kinder gentler USSR is not going to help if you want your globalism you can’t be abusing people they’re not going to listen to them they’re going to destroy their own union buddy here Clinton come out and say well open borders is not the way of the future you need to reform the system otherwise populism will rise Tecna she’s not wrong populism is rising in part because of the migrant crisis it’s very funny to see a the labeled refugee affixed to some of these groups of people now most of them are not from likes the Syrian war zone and most of Syria now is more calm Assad has managed to restore control to most parts of Syria at least these people should begin filtering back and rebuilding their lives they should ultimately you should stand and fight if you have the ability to do so stand and fight it’s like these Honduran migrants these economic minds stay in Honduras and protest your shitty socialistic government and reform things there and you won’t need economic migration that is that that’s populism it’s nativism what the fuck is wrong with that anyone can do it some of you know some African nations some European nation the US Canada Australia Zimbabwe it doesn’t matter make your own lives better it’s your fucking homeland some of your PPP ancestors have been there for five six hundred years sometimes more to some of these European people they’re living on the same fucking farm their families held for a thousand years yes but let me just uproot myself because you know I’m sort of urban and hip and I don’t want to do the farming thing anymore fuck my ancestry fuck tradition and all that shit wonderful world you live in isn’t it international travel comes with so many expenses is such a double-edged sword you get the problem of epidemics you’ve got displacement you’ve got people following along wherever economic opportunity is and then filling in there creating a new culture and potentially fucking around with the old one it’s a crazy world we live in and it has been basically since the mid 1800s its accelerated now because you also have world communication and the decentralized sense Clinton’s not wrong but the reason that she’s saying this is to score brownie points to look like the same person in the room really really in the globalists over the you they can’t take her advice if the kid they can’t reform the immigration system of Europe how are they gonna do that all their multinational donor buddies they want slave labor that’s ultimately what they want they do want displaced people some some displaced migrant from Afghanistan isn’t going to expect the same kind of economic bonuses that a person that’s named if German or Native Swede is going to expect they expect a rudimentary welfare state they expect to work for a living because you know they probably were working 12 hours a day back on the farm in Afghanistan so fucking they don’t expect as much that we have the same problem here all these people here in the United States of Demby so I love the refugees with a think of the little children Statue of Liberty give us your huddled fucking masses no no what you really want to do is exploit people and you want to exploit the American public and the foreigners that you’re bringing in you want to give them under minimum-wage put them in hazardous working conditions that most you know the native-born Americans wouldn’t want and so forth meanwhile you want to screw the American people too and you don’t care that the donor cultures Honduras or Mexico or whatever losing some of their bright individuals to the United States because of our weird lopsided immigration lottery system you don’t care because you don’t care about any culture all they care about is money that’s all they’re really good they don’t care if they’re rich and well-off here or if they move to the Cayman Islands or Switzerland or they have to go to Australia they don’t have care if they have to build a compound out in the middle of some desert in Arabia they don’t care they’re still well off they still own a bunch of shit around the world they don’t have a nation they’re globalist that’s the whole point some people think that that terms of anti-semitic dog was something they’re like fuck you the left was using that term to denote all of the war for profit people under the Bush administration 15 years ago don’t fucking get me started on how much the left is sold out bunch of morons is what they’ve become it’s really sad too because I mean they understand the fundamental basis of the same philosophic principle so their cards to the fact that globalism fucks around in every economy that it touches they still understand that they just ignore it because they’ve been gulled and backed into a corner like a bunch of cowards with their tails between their legs buy more racism bigotry know you hate little children in some foreign country you know your nation bombed them you could have prevented it then but now that there are refugees you have to accept them because your government makes mistakes and does stupid shady shit it’s your fault it’s not the government’s fault it’s not the military’s fault it’s not some dictator in the Middle East no it’s yours but a personal level you should feel guilty for them I don’t feel guilty at all I feel very sad about what the US government’s fomented in some of these countries the French also France the government over there is very responsible for a lot of the problems in the Middle East so how dare macron come out trying to call out our president who’s actually showing some degree of restraint how dare Makran stand against us he’s the ultimate war monger him in the end the idiot who came before me was a fucking how long or whatever it is he arguably worse wasn’t he the one that originally green lighted a lot of the Syrian strikes France got involved we were taking a hands-off approach and even Obama was just like well they’re gonna give the FSA a bunch of weapons and shit it was just non-lethal aid at first and then all of a sudden we heard he was giving them anti-tank missiles and and fucking everything else under the Sun they were getting helicopters and shit it’s like meanwhile it was exactly the same time period I think right after Sandy Hook where’s that go Americans don’t need assault rifles they don’t need expanded magazines they don’t need certain bullets they don’t need body armor no no no you barbarians you shouldn’t be playing with these things but I’m gonna give him the terrorists what a wonderful guy he was and Hillary Clinton’s a globalist – she’s a rogue rich old lady with a lot of holdings around the world she gets the slush funds and and international sort of economic shit that all of these corporations and the political establishment do why the hell would she care about the issue the only the only thing that she’s doing right now is she’s trying to get more book sales or something she’s going on her whirlwind tour and and morning she wants to look like prophetic when the European Union inevitably has more problems because at this point it is it’s a self-fulfilling it’s a self spiraling sort of situation the right wing grows you’re a skeptic or otherwise the right wing grows in a European country people on the center-left are then contacted by a bunch of commies hey look look at those Nazis over there aren’t these scary you better sign us don’t be a fence sitter because there’s only two political persuasions in the fucking world either you’re a really really far right or you’re really really far left you either have to put on a swastika or a hammer and sickle there’s nothing else nobody else can save you against and so common sense slowly gets depleted but the thing is the establishment there is in common sense the the the far left the far right aren’t they’re not wrong they’ve depleted their common sense they’re just a bunch of global it’s trying to enslave everyone arguably worse than both fringes yes they’re arguably worse than some fucking communist movement at least that’ll eventually destabilize itself and fall out of existence because of economic mismanagement you know after they purge millions of people but eventually they disappear the current EU it’s like this weird bastardized interventionist system it’s just so bureaucratic have you ever seen the movie Brazil an ironic to invoke Brazil m’as mid-eighties dystopian British film kind of funny at times but a little bit of absurd surrealism definitely you should watch it very very good movie I believe it’s based on a book of the same name if I remember correctly although it may have been a different one it’s sort of like you know Blade Runner vaguely to stop you based on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep loosely loosely based on it in that case this one’s a little bit I believe closer to the original a very good dystopian movie that’s where the EU is headed yeah towards the dystopian torture rattled future where you can get in trouble I guess for basically anything that’s about all Pisa