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All right everyone Clinton decided to come out and weigh in on politics again she’s a little warning to the Democratic candidates for toe 2020 she’s like well you can run a really good campaign and have it stolen from you so it’s basically a dog whistle – the Russian conspiracy theory that the Democrats persist in explaining the 2016 election loss with even though really what it is about as Clinton was a shitty campaigner she didn’t have and nothing was stolen from her she didn’t visit Wisconsin she didn’t visit hardly North Carolina I remember she cancelled two different stops in North Caroli…

Continue reading… because of her flu-like illness which was really you know who knows what was wrong with her at the time she would have won North Carolina with just two campaign appearances it was close enough that that would have tipped it and she blamed everybody after the election except for herself for her loss she’s like oh ultimately I’m responsible but here’s a list of other people that me in the ass it was the DNC didn’t raise enough money for me so I had to do that instead of making stops but the thing is her schedule was like one fourth of trumps schedule you’re the same age as him why can’t you keep up with him and if you question that you were called a chauvinist or something retiree it was so stupid so that’s number one D is he the pink hat where’s remember like within a week after the election she was blaming her own core fan base the people who they’re third wave feminists far-left largely younger mostly female individuals although there were some predatory male feminists in the crowd that were there to sexually assault people you know that’s like 1% of them those people were protesting in DC in New York City and some of these places after the election then you know you remember that primal scream one would that really really crazy-looking liberal just shrieking your head off like no it was like Darth Vader at the end of episode three and crazy like that it’s like these people are morons but they were all really upset that crying and burning flags and stuff doing the normal you know social justice weird thing she blamed them and said well I wish they had come out in these numbers on Election Day this wouldn’t have happened they did though ninety-nine point nine percent turnout I guarantee among the people that showed up to protest why would why would you not be willing to go pull a lever so to speak but you’d be willing to go halfway across the country on daddy’s credit card in order to sit there in a ridiculous hat and scream at the sky on YouTube why would that possibly happen but she blamed him anyway who else does she blame on Nazis the deplorable is the same people she insulted she blames them for not voting for she was a shitty politician and campaigner bill was the strategically minded one Hillary Clinton has always been the behind the scenes I will stab you in the neck sort of character she’s a nun bill is the personable one she’s the one that lurks behind him and defends him because he’s the charismatic figurehead she calls the shots uses him as a puppet she by the way was basically already president for two terms bill did not do jack without hillary clinton knowing about it she knew about his infidelities she didn’t care she character assassinated like five different people that bill had done crazy with why do you think she’s a power player she’s she’s extremely powerful nothing but respect for her behind-the-scenes persona – maybe the the destroying rape victims or having people killed thing but other than that the mafioso side of the Clinton family yeah it’s something at that level of power that sheer magnitude of that togetherness is honestly overwhelming but she’s not personable she came off as a servic and and witless basically – people like mean essentially it’s funny they’re like orange man mean Hillary Clinton is the person who’s going to insult you remember that time someone asked her a question she immediately started like rambling and shouting in her face I mean she’s kind of a weird kind of a cringy person anyway but to insinuate that she ran a good campaign the only campaign in modern history that was about as bad was Romney in 2012 see Hillary Clinton she didn’t go to Wisconsin because she figured she had it locked up and didn’t want to mix with the little people up there you know those salt-of-the-earth people she calls him deplorable or or looks at them they’re the help they’re the common man she’s uncommon she’s silver Spooner basically it was a Goldwater Republican back in the 60s which is hilarious before before she opportunistically switched in order to do things with Bill I wonder if Chelsea’s even their biological daughter sometimes but who really cares I’m sure Hillary Clinton is lowest on the list of people who care what build in the bedroom trust me Fighting’s : Powell and their Clinton emails are released it’s like oh yeah bills still dicking bimbos it’s like yeah of course he is then Hillary knows about she probably joins in she doesn’t give a power couple but yeah the only other campaign that says bad was Romney see like for the last couple months it looked like Romney was a not even opposing Obama Obama basically ran unopposed for the last two months of that election Romney had tried he was slipping in the polls his internal polling I guarantee was not Karl Rove rosy and so he just stopped and then if you look at the 2016 election Clinton did not campaign Wisconsin barely campaign in North Carolina didn’t make enough appearances in Florida and then bitched and moaned about other people’s problems after losing it was fundamentally about her she was a trump was fighting an uphill battle and must have been awestruck by the fact that Hillary Clinton appeared not to even want to win at times she simply didn’t want to make appearances and I understand you know you got someone there on the older side and has some health issues but I mean Trump’s no spring chicken he’s a he’s only he was only like what six months younger and he’s kind of admittedly overweight and stuff and yet he is going to five six appearances a day and nobody really cared if he was doing adderall or coke or something in order to do that I don’t I want the president to be able to use all sorts of drugs I hope the CIA gives I hope that one day one when the president first sits in the Oval Office a CIA agent comes up and says here’s the stuff that you’re privy to mr. president this one will make you stronger this one will defeat the flu here’s the cure for cancer and and you know you take this pill if there’s a call at 4:00 a.m. trust me you’ll feel fine I hope they do that I hope they pill them up on everything I don’t give a about that not anyway Clinton I ran a good campaign but it goes stolen Frank basically again it’s a tip of the hat to the Marussia conspiracy theory there was no Russian collusion so it’s funny to see her still rambling and whining about it Oh Russia stole the election for me there was no collusion Russia’s interference in the election was limited to some Facebook trolling Wow yeah I’m sure that changed a lot of minds in Wisconsin not enough to swing the election the ten people that change their minds because they saw some meme created in Russia cares if it came rusha guarantee a bunch of Americans were the ones spreading it any way I can make a meme and it can spread in Russia – yeah weaponized mimetics is a great thing now Clinton didn’t run a good Kim and she didn’t have stolen from her the only person who stole the campaign the election from her was her herself and maybe bill to an extent with you know the me to that’s about all peace out