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All right everyone Hilary Clinton talking about the 2020 Democratic field which right now it’s literally like a clown car it’s like how many more people can use stuff in Biden still technically hasn’t even fully announced and you know looking at his wavering numbers maybe he won’t bother I think one of the polls had him only at twenty six which usually it’s around thirty so that wouldn’t be good news for him in Sanders and Kamala Harris actually it’s funny virtually all of the people at the top have slid down and some of them like this third and second tier people have risen up so that now you…

Continue reading… actually got technically like six potentially five people candidates it is one hell of a field and then really when the debates come around it’s like what is going to be the actual polling cutoff in order for them to actually get onto the debate stage like how many people can they reasonably accommodated a couple hours time and give anyone at least one question you know it’s gonna be it’s gonna be insane it’s gonna be a freak show in the debates by the way Clinton is saying well I’m pleased by the field you know I like the candidates she’s not choosing anyone yet now of course who’s the Clinton choice its Kamala Harris fairly clearly if she was going to choose anyone to carry on it’d be her because again Kamala Harris she has that past where she’s like she was a hell-bent prosecutor throwing people in prison for for truancy and drug possession she was a hardliner she’s a hard-ass basically but she’s rebranded herself the way Clinton did Clinton another you know basic super-predators tough-on-crime hard-ass basically corporate hacks sellout who at the time you know seemed more viable maybe back in 2008 Clinton is basically sitting it out as far as giving an endorsement I have to hazard a guess what I would say is that nobody wants her endorsement the fact that she’s pleased by the Democratic field should not be something that the Democrats take solace in if you’re looking at a field and Hillary Clinton says yeah this is pretty good did you see her 2016 campaign so you know that her ability to understand political strategy is not actually that great it’s interesting that she’s been a step or two from the presidency on two different occasions and yet has such bad strategic skills because mainly it was bill basically that ran the show on that side he was the charismatic sort of hip personality Clinton is more than the scenes person that stabs you in the back she’s the one that could you know looks at the books and sees who owes what she’s the mafioso and so Bill Clinton got all of his power from Hillary could know he married well we know they they have a frigid marriage I doubt they even you know have screwed in the last 20 years but they love it anyway somewhere deep inside they’re sick and twisted hearts there’s a very very deep love for one another I think between the Clintons it’s actually quite astonishing when you think about it then again is it different that different from the show marriage of JFK and Jackie considering the fact that they slept in separate beds too it’s like yeah they produced kids but and they both have their own liaisons so to speak I’m sure that Jackie Kennedy did too they just kept it more hush at the time baby JFK was voracious so it was kind of difficult when there’s a never-ending parade of young women going in and out of the White House at all hours but uh Clinton loves the field okay who specifically do you like miss Glenn oh yeah I’m just like a mom she doesn’t want to make a choice they don’t want her to be they wouldn’t want to be her choice if you look at the field though right now it’s beginning to become more malleable well you’ve got is that the initial star power of like a Sanders or Biden has begun to wear off and you’ve got some other people that before they’re in um in two or three percent they’ve risen up some into that level of viability the cutoff is like maybe five or six percent if you’re below that for any real length of time you start to become non-viable Warren by the way as hazardously cooks to be hitting that mark she was initially at like 14 or 15 now she’s slid down to the mid-single digits she’s she’s approaching that threshold Kamala Harris has slid back actually a little bit which is why like if she had shot out of a cannon and roared to life and become like I am the person to be like if she were Biden was I have no doubt that Hillary Clinton would specifically say nice things about her quite often but the thing is Clinton wants to have favors and so she’s gonna wait until the last minute basically let the candidates destroy one another get rid of half of them and then see who’s still viable and who is just basically not in it to win it but just in it to spin it and put on put a little message out there maybe sell some books inject a wedge issue like O’Malley tried to do in 2016 somebody running a tooth there two or three percent but still sticks it out despite you know never getting above that level in a state now he was just there anytime questioned about anything he immediately went back to the topic of green energy he was a single issue candidate who wanted to be there for some limelight and again you know to sell books and have some name recognition have some fun Jim Webb was kind of like that I liked Jim Webb but he was never a viable candidate because he was running against two people that were clearly well ahead of him in terms of every possible opportunity to fundraise they had the backing of the party at least in Clinton’s case more this time around Bernie Sanders now has slumped a little bit like he was a close number two now he’s sort of you know even though Biden has fallen off a little bit Bernie Sanders drop was more precipitous it’s looking like his campaign might actually end up in danger the problem for him is that I can see there must be some sort of fairly low hard cap on the support that he can gain because of his ideological beliefs and his embracing of the term socialism so he’s not going to be like the Clinton people and the Sanders people fucking hate one another even like the Warren people it’s funny I saw fairly recently they were to even Warren fans I was sort of you know going around Twitter to these different political circles you can penetrate your equity umber if you try and there were a bunch of Warren fans time out yeah like you know maybe other Warren fans should fucking tone it down a little bit yeah I’m with her I’m gonna vote for her but Jesus Christ some of this is like totally toxic it is true her hardcore fanbase is incredibly it’s they hate men for the most part they’re kind of Clintonian they despise Bernie Sanders they looked it’s like the Clinton crowd on steroids if you saw some of the shit that was posted like I’m being liberal or you know salon posts on Twitter or something like that Facebook and Twitter in the last election there was a lot of toxicity among the Clinton fans they really they desperately hated the idea of even one person deciding to sit it out and not vote for enraged them like the very suggestion would get them red in the face is interesting actually watching the bitterness Clinton likes the 20/20 field well then you know it’s a shitty field I’m still not seeing any particular standouts look the closest thing the Democrats right now have to a viable standout is but again and I hate to say it but there are probably enough religious people in the party to keep I think an openly gay man if I remember correctly from becoming the nominee very touching he’ll end up in the VP saw him or Beto somebody like that is probably an end of the VP the Democrats want someone other than a white male to be the standard-bearer other than the corporate lives that really they just kind of gravitate towards Biden they can’t back Kamala they can’t back Sanders they’re they’re too socialistic so really that leaves them with Biden and then he’d have to choose one of those far left people or or a minority more and more specifically or if it’s not Biden you would have to have somebody like that a Hickenlooper of but a gig or a Beto as the VP basically in order not to frighten more of the business Dems the problem is then you probably end up alienating some of the progressive block voters they’ll say why is there a white male one heartbeat away from the presidency it would be very funny to see and it’ll get trust me that rhetoric will be antagonized in part by Trump fans absolutely because there’s something to be gained yeah this isn’t gonna be all sorts of propaganda flying around the Hillary Clinton is the worst judge of character look if I were running a political campaign and Hillary Clinton oh yeah that sticks pecs and hammers I like the cut of his jib I would just give up the next day and say fuck it there wouldn’t be a reason to continue running for one thing he’d lose half of your support especially if you’re like a maverick you know all the the so-called outsiders and like a Gabbard or something that would be a toy would be totally poison their campaign if they ever got that endorsement by the way Gabbard doesn’t even really appear on the polls anymore despite the fact that she was ahead of some of these others that are listed now like even a clove bush are they kicked her off the polling they are treating her unfairly again I wouldn’t vote for her I’m not taken in by the sort of cult of personality around her while this young surfy female the sort of bullshit I’m not taken in but she is being mistreated they are absolutely shafting Gabbard at this point I do kind of feel sorry for fans cuz like you know you’d have to go to the polling firms and should you show them some numbers that they don’t have a guess but you can say look she’s got three or four percent if you actually actually ask people doesn’t that put her ahead of half the people that appear on RCP absolutely it does that’s the whole point that’s about all peace out