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hi there its WB and welcome to world broadcast YouTube channel before we get started make sure you hit the subscribe button and press Bell icon to never missed any latest news CNN admitted the one thing Democrats don’t want to be true CNN is a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party they are doing everything in their power to help them but they just admitted the one thing Democrats don’t want to be true CNN’s election coverage CNN is working overtime to attack president Trump many of their anchors are openly hostile towards the President and that hostility carries over to any candidate aligned …

Continue reading… h him one candidate facing a lot of scrutiny is Texas senator Ted Cruz as a Republican he has solid approval in the Lone Star State until this election cycle no Democrat had made a serious challenge to him however rap battle O’Rourke is working overtime to take down Cruz his campaign has raised over 23 million dollars and has a ton of support Democrats think he can win because a number of polls are showing better within striking distance but as it turns out those polls don’t mean much these polls aren’t polling likely voters their polling registered voters and CNN political analyst Harry and pointed that out on a recent show talking about registered voters he said we see actually that Cruz has only a five-point lead among there and continued that means the people who are actually going to show up are less likely to support O’Rourke than Cruz so ultimately Cruz has a much higher lead than Democrats are claiming why is this important this is a big problem for Democrats for a lot of reasons the biggest reason is that O’Rourke’s race is using a lot of resources he has raised more money than any other Senate campaign in the country the amount he’s raised is what a presidential campaign would normally raised shadolo are clues all those donations could have gone to support Democrats in more competitive races but winning the Senate may not have ever been a Rourke’s goal there is speculation that he may be running for president in 2020 in fact the first poll for the election shows him with four percent of the vote that is significant for somebody who has made no indications of a 2020 run not only that but his Senate campaign is set up with the sophistication of a presidential campaign he has an elite staff on his side along with the National donor Network so switching gears from a Senate campaign to a presidential campaign won’t take much Cadell Roark beat Trump if O’Rourke were to get the Democratic nomination many think he is a formidable opponent to Trump he is a personable and charismatic campaigner and he also floats more on the moderate side while still being able to appeal to Democrats farther left in many ways this makes him similar to Barack Obama in his 2008 campaign that’s why many are calling him the next Obama do you think battle roar could beat Trump let us know your thoughts in the comment section below please don’t forget to like and support our channel bye press subscribe button thank you for watching