CNN’s Outrage Hunting as The Tabloid Suggests Trump Would Stay Past Second Term | Trending News

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All right everyone it was an old slow news day at CNN so he decided to take something that Trump said wildly out of context and presented as though he was planning to to cling to power into a third term now first Trump has managed to get them to report in such a way that it insinuates that they simply accept he’ll have a second term which is probably true because he keeps playing tricks like that and the legacy media is too dumb to realize what he’s doing so basically CNN admitting the Trump will have a second term and then proceeding to worry despite the fact that he’d be nearly an octogenari…

Continue reading… at the time that somehow he’s going to stay in power because he made a vague joking comment about how some of his fans would want that I’m sure that Trump understands that the Constitution contains term limits for the u.s. president it’s very funny when people think that he’s like pure evil but at the same time he’s totally inept he’s like a Hollywood villain to some of these people they’ve painted him out to be basically he’s an evil genius but at the same time he just keeps screwing up and doing stupid all the time and like publicly exposes his own corruption and is like you know basically you know just incapable of actually doing too much evil cuz he’s inept in some cases but they want people to be very afraid of him and we must stop him at all costs because Trump Trump repealed some gun control wants the government to steal less of people’s money and is actively avoiding well hopefully he continues to do this in regards to run or actively avoiding conflict overseas somehow he’s a bad person and a fascist oh yeah he supports free speech online what a weird fascist he really is he’s a total totalitarian but at the same time with libertarian overtones interesting how that works but the idea that Trump would seriously attempt to you know buck the Constitution’s term limits is laughable because nobody would allow him to do it I mean if he were to say like let’s say gets his second term he’d be which he probably will serves as president election happens he says no I’m not stepping down his reasons the national emergency or whatever how many people would actually follow through with the order the bootlickers on the left would be the ones more likely to do that through that it’d be Trump’s own gun-toting fans with the first people saying it was unacceptable in the going into their basements to hunker in the bunker so to speak they’d be the ones doing that you know some disarmed pansy wristed dude in San Francisco isn’t gonna rise up and defend the country it’s gonna fall the people that are actually that have they’ll have a little bit of a testosterone and running through their veins those are the people that you’ll have to rely on it’d be funny by the way if we were ever like seriously invaded as a country like let’s say Canada invades are something very formidable the maple syrup cannons and all if we were invaded by like Canada and China tomorrow because you know the same thing at this point the people that would actually fight back the the people right now that are like you know guns bad masculinity bad would be like terrified to be hiding behind people like us that’d be hilarious people who actually bother dead know how to use a firearm I’m trying to imagine like some some hippie hairstylist from you know Berkeley or something attempting to operate a modern firearm I’m thinking they’d probably drop it they’d just be better off running away so you know you better you should go to the Midwest as far away from the coast as possible from the Chinese invade you know over our debt load or something CNN worrying about Trump staying on it that he can’t legally do that the Constitution does not permit the president to seek a third term he can’t just ignore the election there’s no power given to the president to do so do the military would simply say okay mr. Trump that’s fine pat him on the back and escort him out it wouldn’t happen nobody would bet no is certainly the Republicans are flighty enough not even any of them would back him he would be removed by force from office at that point because he wouldn’t be the president anymore he wouldn’t have any power nobody would listen to what he was saying at that point it would be sad or a little bit funny in fact I almost hope that he does that I hope he gets like a second term Trump he he goes Ronald Reagan he gets a little demented and he doesn’t realize like the Constitution anymore I hope he tries to declare himself Emperor for real like he should just he should just go along with the joke which is what the legacy media is a joke he should go along with it and be sort of the the god emperor Trump figure because a handful of people would be like cheering and roar applause and think it was hilarious and the rest of the country would just sigh and remove him from office but it would fulfill the role of sort of the mad president sort of the Kissinger strategy made manifest it would be funny if it were all just an elaborate joke by the Intel community to scare our enemies into believing that the president is slightly demented or that it was possible for the United States to be led by someone who was actually insane maybe he should do that the CIA should try to try to talk him into that they should definitely try to get him to do something because it’d be amusing to be hilarious I’m just sort of mouthing off the idea that Trump is actually seriously suggesting Reid what he actually said he was saying some of his fans would like it if he were able to have a third term that’s not him suggesting that he’s going to actually he can’t physically seek a third term nowhere in there does he talk anything about just not leaving office and saying well the Constitution nobody in the country would support it except well okay a handful of really hardcore manga fans might if the Democrats managed to win the subsequent non-incumbent election they said well maybe we’re better off with just having Trump in there or saying you know maybe we would be but I mean there’s no mechanism to do that by the way we had a president before at more than two terms the Liberals think that he was the Messiah because he liked Bernie Sanders he was a socialist that’s why the Great Depression dragged on so long and he got us involved in several war theaters at the same time while at the same time supposedly we’re liberating people in Europe but right here we were putting people in prison camps several hundred thousand people who were citizens and lawful residents by the way government later had to apologize for this but FDR never somehow FDR gets a pass from the left for being a virulent bigot like an actual hateful bigot and saying weird about especially Asians on a fairly apparently regular basis he gets a pass because he liked welfare in tax the rich at a 90 percent marginal rate and gave people bread lines Oh wonderful man for the economy he was you know some of the industrial projects were pretty gray but shell already wasn’t always shovel ready in FDR’s case any more than it was Obama’s Obama is basically like the ant was FDR light he was the more measured version of FDR and failed just as hard it was pretty funny that’s not all peace out