Conservative S.E. Cupp tells Trump to Give Up: Shame, you won’t get anything | Trending News

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conservative SE Cupp tells Trump to give up this is what losing looks like as president Donald Trump digs in his heels on the longest federal government shutdown in US history one prominent conservative commentator is telling him to throw in the towel cnn’s SE Cupp unleashed a scathing rebuke of the president in a Saturday night monologue advising him to accept that he’s not going to win his battle for border wall money this is what losing looks like mr. president she said you’ve lost this one you are not getting your five point seven billion dollar border wall not from Mexico not from Con…

Continue reading… ss and I’m willing to wager not from taxpayers either Trump’s inability to strike a deal with Democrats for the money cup argued stemmed from his focus on too much tweeting too much rallying not enough governing it’s a shame too because when you had the opportunity the public support Republicans in control of Congress Democrats against the proverbial wall you couldn’t get it done she added so now it’s time to accept the loss and move on to what’s next cup then mocked the president’s tweet earlier in the day when he again said he was almost alone in the White House an assertion he also made on Christmas Eve just days after the shutdown began Trump tweet I just watched a fake reporter from the Amazon Washington Post say the White House is chaotic there does not seem to be a strategy for this shutdown there is no plan the fakes always like talking chaos there is none fact there’s almost nobody in the wh but me a nd some potentially productive uses for Trump’s me time cup joked could be meditation yoga or maybe even a better way to organize his goals how about a vision board where you pasted pictures of all the things you’d like to accomplish this year I got you started here’s a picture of a wall and here’s a picture of you signing a bill into law put those up on your vision board