Creepy Joe Biden Plays the Race Card Again on Trump | Trending News

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All right everyone Joe Biden is doing it again which is playing the race card in response to Trump easy saying basically orange man racist and I’m thinking to myself it’s it’s Biden not Trump the gut in trouble for saying that he worked well with segregationist back in like I think the 70s or 80s or something now I don’t blame him for that because what he was trying to do is just illustrate hey I’m not an obstructionist sometimes you have to work with people that you dislike or even hate that’s not a bad message but all the other Democrats immediately dog piled up and tried to make it sound li…

Continue reading… he was you know a segregationist or something because remember in in the the platforming or adjacent frenzy of the modern-day witch hunt if you talk with somebody you agree with all of their worst views and so you’re not even supposed to talk to people that you disagree with anymore you’re supposed to be silent especially if you’re a content creator who happens to compete with the legacy media you’re held to a standard that no other reasonable person would hold anybody to but here’s the thing it’s surreal because Joe has this problem and yet he says Trump is racist and yet to this day after so many claims I’ve seen not one instance of Trump saying anything that could properly be categorized as more racism not a single thing the closest approximation they have in their own odd minds is that he believes in border control Mexicans not a race Hispanics not a race Hispanic is a weird term anyway it’s like okay you happen to have been born in Mexico therefore you are of a different race then then your biological and like if two Chinese people right now this is something people need to understand this let’s say two people they’re Chinese you know full-on Manchurian or whatever you know their family’s been there for five thousand years they moved to Mexico they have a kid there their kid is raised in Mexico City they speak Spanish they eating tamales or whatever supposedly this magically transforms them into a different category like that like they’re fuller they’re like how at US law enforcement even categorize them if they like break al our song there are Mexican immigrants speaking Spanish maybe they don’t even speak Chinese so they’re kind of Hispanic by culture ethnicity but they’re also Asian and it’s really weird to use it as part of our racial classification system we should scrub Hispanic from it because every person who is Hispanic can be classified as a different group anyway as black or white or what not but the fact that somebody has a deeper shade of skin does not magically make them a different race it’s very funny how that works so it’s a very strange situation but no Trump’s not racist for saying exactly what Obama said in 2008 when he was running or again in 2012 and Romney agreed with which is basically hey yeah so someone wants to come into the u.s. there certain customs they go through certain papers to be signed and certain things that they need to do they need to be able to pass the civics exam they didn’t have a basic proficiency of English they need to not you know overstay a visa and stuff it’s it’s Elementary stuff yes the immigration system in the United States is convoluted bureaucratic and shitty but you do have to abide by the rules as they are like Elizabeth Warren’s ideas able just decriminalize the legality well decriminalize border crossings now just let everybody on in no we’re not even gonna stand in your way it’s basically form of soft treason because it literally is a dereliction of duty on one of the explicit responsibilities of the executive branch but that’s if she thinks it’s a good idea I would say impeach immediately if she tried it if she was elected which thankfully I don’t think she will be but Trump has never said anything that I would class as racist what so he says that there are cartel members coming into the country there are people who are coming illegally here and breaking the law well he’s right it’s not racist to say that some of these people are completely white but you know they’re still breaking the law who fucking gives a shit about their race they’re either following US law conforming to our customs and ways or they’re not who fucking cares about the racial issue they’re probably people here have overstayed their visa from you know places in Western Europe all the time they’re probably a million people from Europe right now in the country illegally mostly from places like Poland and some of the developing countries over there a lot of Polish migrant workers can they come for seasonal labor some overstay their visas they’re like fuck it basically and now in this day and age the demo rats don’t want to deport them the Republicans won’t racially profile them they’ve got it they’ve got it made must be really great you know other than when you try to you know actually be above board and immigrate legally then you get kicked out and screwed it’s funny how when people try to take initiative here’s here’s where and where I would agree kind of with the Democrats at the very least if the rude Ameri rudimentary level we need reform in our system it’s easier you’re almost rewarded for illegally immigrating instead of doing it legally you do it legally you have to jump through a bunch of hurdles medical tests biometric data pay the money immigration lawyer wait three years for a green card and stuff like that whereas some people they just hop across the border and there are politicians here who don’t want to punish them at all and who want them to be come out of the shadows be able to be who you are be a good a good person and above board we want you to be able to drive a car and get a job and do everything else it’s like there shouldn’t even you know under their plans there shouldn’t even be a legal immigration system it should just basically be a you land on the soil you magically become a u.s. resident unless you’re an axe murderer or something you might as well just streamline the immigration system to that if you’re going to throw up in the border like Warren wants it’s not racist to point out the problems with such a policy because pragmatically it simply cannot work economically we cannot accommodate every fucking person in the world who wants to come here because that would be half the world if we if we were to go with that plan the number of Mexico would love it because the number of people would be tourists in Mexico very briefly before jumping across the border being monumental in Mexico airlines would be the largest airline in the world within a year so yeah I’d be really funny or maybe Canada Air or something they’d have to build more airports right along the border Mexico I’d probably build the world’s biggest airport right along the Rio Grande Valley like you know a mile across the border and they’d be like five fucking trains going 24/7 just to bring people to the you know the totally legal open border zone but uh Biden playing the race card is funny considering he has his own supposed race problem and it’s not a real one but he’s a Democrat he’s trying to get leftist to vote for him Trump doesn’t give a fuck about their votes he’s going for the moderates the independent vote which do you think the average moderate voter would prefer a platform that says orange man bad pay more taxes and we’re going to throw the borders open or a platform of hey I’ve been president the economy is soaring no major Wars by the way I think we do need border security which one of those do you think is a winning platform I think the latter one is probably going to carry 2020 the Democrats are screwing themselves right now they don’t even fully realize it the leftist think that Elizabeth Warren is a strong candidate they think that but then they thought Beto O’Rourke could do it they thought he was their liberal Messiah which I warned against them thinking because I knew it would be a flash in the pan sort of thing months and months before it is so funny he held off for too long anyway before jumping in he waited for extra months and he shouldn’t have done that and then is El Paso rally was a disaster he’s like you know one tenth the Trump’s crowd and then try he didn’t say anything when fake individuals proclaimed that there were actually like 10,000 people at the beto rally which was clearly false if you looked at his own Twitter and he looked at the crowd is like maybe 1500 and that’s a being generous that’s about all he cell