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crew snaps at debate moderator in dramatic moment of Texas debate senator Ted Cruz our Texas snapped at moderator Jason White Lee during one of the more dramatic moments of his Tuesday night debate with representative 800 Roarke calling on the reporter to not interrupt him as he talked about rising anger from the left Cruz blamed the left for a lack of civility an argument Republicans have increasingly been using since the furious debate over Supreme Court justice spread Cavanaugh’s confirmation you are right that there is a loss of civility there is an anger there is a rage on the far lef…

Continue reading… hat is really frightening Cruz said answering a question about civility in politics Whiteley a reporter with wfaa-tv in Dallas sought to interject a point or question as crews continued which appeared to throw Cruz off hold on let me answer with the don’t interrupt me Jason he told white Lee before continuing to talk about the necessity of treating people with respect a few guffaws and a woe as can be heard from some members of the audience before crews continued to make his statement the images of a left-wing mob beating on the doors of the Supreme Court that’s not good for our country we can disagree while treating each other with respect he said