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sports facility owners in Hong Kong face having to splash out millions of dollars to repair damage caused by typhoon man kit amid the prospect of receiving no financial help from their insurance companies or the government ten in can president of kitschy sports club was left devastated after inspecting the Hong Kong Premier League champions Shaq moon Center and shot in a day after water from the nearby sring Moon River flooded the entire facility after an initial inspection I don’t think the center can be opened again until the end of October being said on social media but we will try our best to minimize the required time for repairing the damage so that the center can be back in normal service as soon as possible typhoon man get floods kitchy training center in Seuss I want stadium is Hong Kong sports facilities bear brunt of storming said he has been contacting the club’s insurance company and independent surveyors to evaluate the potential cost of the damage and would provide more details when they are available he also said he has received donations and messages of support to help clean the center across the Shing Moon River the chaton rowing Center in you and Wu Road and the jockey club Shack moon rowing Center were both left in bad condition we need several million dollars to repair the damages any Lampung Chang executive director of the rowing Association said the pontoon of the chaton Center was severely damaged and the team cannot train now the center was built three decades ago by jockey club funding and there is no insurance coverage of it we hope the authorities can offer some help lam said the rowing associations insurance covers the third party only for events and activities and not the facility itself the government did not specify if they would offer special funding for repairing damaged sports facilities saying only some are covered by insurance when asked by the South China Morning Post Muenster typhoon man fit devastates Shaco golf course will be closed for a week as Country Club counts the costly young hung top the Cycling Association Chairman who is also a licensed insurance broker said it would be difficult for national sports associations to cover the facilities for damage caused by natural disasters insurance companies will treat this coverage case-by-case and even if they can offer coverage the charges would not be low he said our BMX Center in drinkers Bay also suffered damages caused by man kid and we have to cover the cost on our own Asia League helps clean up typhoon man could hit areas of Macau ahead of terrific 12th basketball tournament Lam said the two rowing centers will remain temporarily closed while rowing courses and activities have been postponed fact it spell disaster for Hong Kong’s rowing team whose members rely on the shouts in centre for access to the river because the Sports Institute does not yet have its own pontoon we have an athlete preparing for the coming Youth Olympic Games and other crews preparing for the Hong Kong Championships and Asian Coastal Championships which are very close head rowing coach Chris Perry said we are training on the land at present using rowing machines bikes and gym but we will need to get back on the river as soon as possible the pontoons will need extensive repairs but we will need to work with the Association to find some short-term solutions to we know that all of Hong Kong are suffering from the aftermath of this huge storm so we are not expecting special treatment but we hope that some emergency support could be found because of the very short time to prepare for these important major events