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All right everyone is Venezuela slowly swirls into economic irrelevance it’s time once again for a standalone video declaring that democratic socialism is BS because I keep seeing from people like socialism apologists they’ll say one of several things when you confront them on Venezuela either it’s not real socialism it’s a coup or you know us in basically us out Maduro was legitimately elected and I think to myself this actually undercuts like the the nouveau socialism light of Bernie Sanders or any OC and people like that when they’re like well no no no it’s socialism but we’re democratic so…

Continue reading… lists we’re that basically it’s like taking Stalin and putting a smiley face on him it’s basically what it boils down to I think unmedicated individuals studying the basic rudiments of economics would understand the socialism is bullshit there’s a reason it’s sort of like um when you’re in college if you go to any English course you probably you’ll have to read The Great Gatsby and every or the sound and the fury these are two of my least favorite books of all time and bear with the metaphor here the two of the shittiest books ever Great Gatsby it’s fucking boring sound in the theory it’s fucking boring it’s basically literary data ISM when you think about it it doesn’t really mean anything it hasn’t the idea that the Great Gatsby is even well written I think is laughable and the movie adaptation was even worse it’s like Romeo and Juliet all the movie adaptations for the most part suck ass initial play is pretty good but it’s overrated get some fun get some fucking Caliban up in there then you get the tempest then you understand the real Shakespeare get some farcical materials it’s way way better than oh my god we love each other out now we’re dead too bad but everyone pretends when you’re in college all your English teachers will pretend the great gatsby so great your high school teachers too because it’s really more of a high school level book in a literary sense the sound and the fury it’s like oh what a glorious American classic it’s a masterpiece really though it sucks dick that’s really what it boils down to they’re not well-written especially the sound and the fury who’s basically wasn’t that his eye the the author’s idea to Faulkner or whoever the fuck wrote it I don’t even know I don’t even remember her care to tell the truth I wasn’t it just basically a reaction to Hemingway I believe like he was like well you know this dude writes weird shit it doesn’t mean anything and then he said okay I’m gonna write a book that’s literally like that and because people are stupid they took it seriously and they search for deeper meanings in it even though it has none and so it’s basically a joke at every high schoolers expense at this one Marxism and socialism are the same thing you go to you know you your political science class or any other class in college in certain places they’re like oh Marx this socialism that like fucking even infects anthropology like they still refer to Marx as being important within the context of anthropology because he wrote some anthropological theories early on before anthropology technically existed at all all of which had been completely discredited and yet I still had to read several chapters on how important Marx was despite the fact that his armchair anthropology was disproven a century ago it makes no sense all primitive communism existed and people were so much basically it was nothing more than the Golden Age utopianism of the era reflected into economic leftism it’s basically what it boils down to but people still pretend that he’s great and has something to say that didn’t kill a hundred million people so it’s bullshit but democratic socialism is even more BS than socialism at large socialism is an insane an absurd ideology it will never work it can’t be implemented properly most of the time when it is it collapses like in Venezuela and and if it exists at all in a more stable form it’s propped up by hyper capitalism like you see in Scandinavia that’s the truth of the matter but now socialists have realized if they just put the label Democratic before it it makes Americans feel more positively towards it if they say that socialism means free shit then people overwhelmingly support it yeah people love free shit now try telling them it’s not actually free it’s basically just redistribution ISM it’s an element of communism pen the Reds are actually here now people don’t support it quite as much when they realize what it’s really about so right now socialists are busy brand rebranding themselves DISA trying to disown Venezuela but then the more hardline socialists think that they’re sellouts and actually say no no Venezuela mystic it’s just undergoing a coup that’s their next line it’s like when Bernie Sanders had Pro feni’s whele bullshit on his campaign website which I think might still very well be there and then has to come out and explain it I like like show those he was good God yeah socialism back we know that the economy was working in other words back when oil prices were very high so they could borrow endlessly mm-hmm does that sound familiar to any economic situations anywhere else in the world like oh I don’t know the US with our debt what’s our national debt by the way you know we’re a real capitalistic country with trillions of dollars in debt now aren’t we hyper regulation every penny is taxed five or six times by the time it goes into the government coffers it’s basically used up its usefulness entirely yeah a debt based society in which great many people don’t really actually contribute anything into the collective pot because they’re incapable of it because of government intervention isn’t keeping their wages low duh hyper capitalistic capitalism is responsible for our problems no capitalism is the only reason that we still exist fundamentally as a power if it weren’t for the elements of capitalism we do have our economy would be flat line just like Venezuela’s if we had adopted their kind of methodology our debt would be five or six times as great and we’d be hyper inflating right now so keep that in mind central planning is always a bad thing and that’s partially what it boils down to in order to enact a socialist state if you are going to enact a socialist state you would have to keep the bureaucracy as limited as possible the problem is that in order to enact a socialist state you need centralization and centralization tends to expand bureaucracy and expand government power this is also why left-wing ideologies tend to become more authoritarian more quickly whereas far-right ideologies which are more constrained at least on the economic side tend not to only when they become moralistic usually in a religious sense do they become more authoritarian otherwise you’re basically dealing with something like menarche ISM you’re dealing with with a variant of libertarianism inherently because the government if it is very lazy fair economically it fails to ever enact a power structure capable of abusing people too much but leftism requires that power structure by default because it’s the only way that it can disperse wealth reduced you know it’s the only way that it can keep the haves from revolting against the government itself by being parasitized by people who produce less in other words that’s basically the problem of socialism it literally can’t function no and it doesn’t get properly implemented because it’s a non-working ideology it’s an ideology that inherently fails as soon as it’s implemented because it inevitably becomes too authoritarian and too top-heavy there’s no other way for it to work the only other way would be to have an anarcho-syndicalist sort of situation or something like that where people have formed their own collectives and they’re engaging in some degree of market economics between themselves to increase efficiency that’s basically the only left-wing ideology that could work the problem is they will inherently have trade squabbles they will inherently have internal issues they will inherently develop those power structures on a less centralized level destroying themselves one by one in the process that’s what will happen with that sort of system to name for me a far-left system that has ever remained stable for very long you can’t mean because it can that’s about all peace out