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All right everyone more and more Democrats are thinking about you know committing political suicide as a party and trying to impeach Donald Trump I don’t think it’s a good idea the time to like to start those proceedings would have been back initially when is when his support was hovering around the mid to high 30s and he was considered almost he was almost at lame duck status for several months and you know you had the Mueller probe going on and stuff that would have been the time to impeach it’s very funny to see the legacy media covering for the Dems right now they’re like oh well slow-walk…

Continue reading… impeachment is actually a good idea because you know people get nervous if you go in too hard screw it up I think it’s screwed up anyway the Democrats as a party don’t have a platform or any real fundamental ideas for the country that don’t involve more taxes or banning things and it’s like the only thing that they offer is impeachment but Trump has a plethora of things that he’s offering we want we want border security we want to renegotiate trade deals do some diplomatic and then like lower taxes that’s you know pretty fleshed out platform it’s kind of basic and and rudimentary but it’s way more than the Democrats are giving us Biden’s platform is literally orange man bad and he’s the front-runner of the Democrats and has been since before he got into the race the Democratic field is weak and so here’s what I think I think that the more cerebrally advanced Democrats the ones that deal with political strategy more than idealism like the Pelosi ‘s and I’m not saying that she’s a you know maybe not demented but she’s a cunning individual those individuals right now are fixated on impeachment because they’re not convinced that anyone in the 20/20 field is actually capable of winning they’re hoping that by even can shine himself up like a polished turd and sort of pass as a candidate but ultimately I think they look at the field they say okay what have we got here no-name losers that have dropped off the face of the earth people who would be viable that have made mistakes like a Gillibrand I think that would be their their next choice if they were smart and people who are far left and then you have Joe Biden a geriatric man with a me-too problem they’re looking at that field and they’re saying Trump has the incumbent advantage he’s coming off of decent economic news ease of money now it’s the money stupid he hasn’t had a major foreign policy blunders you know for the most part everything’s seemingly calm and his approval is middling it’s not great but it’s you know at least survivable he’s in the mid-40s between 43 and 46 depending on what day of the week it is Trump wins by default in such a race Biden’s been spending a lot of time in the Rust Belt but I think the Democrats are getting nervous they’re also realizing something else here’s the other thing thought about this the other day look at that what the Democrats campaigning have been doing you remember Elizabeth Warren in her kitchen like making food and she’s like Oh hand me a beer no how was your day you know talking to our husbands of it looked forced that is that the candidates are being required to do things like Trump style which is like you know embrace the Internet era and campaign online as much as in real life most of them can’t do that even the young ones like Beto Aurora getting a haircut that was a real humdinger Wow it was so exciting Beto is getting a haircut so he can look less like a Gen X beach boy okay wonderful does that make him presidential now not really Trump’s got the incumbent advantage the incumbent always has a downhill battle getting reelected there is a slight advantage given to them it’s like the 13 keys to the White House one of them is there’s an incumbent Trump didn’t even have that advantage in one the last time around you can possibly put him into the category of being charismatic enough so that he takes another box and gets to seven right there at this point all he needs is some foreign policy success or not to crash and burn the economy and he probably gets reelected his approval is going to rise the closer you get to the election day anyway potentially it’s gonna rise because he’ll be fighting against a person instead of you know a sort of amorphous blob of people right now people are looking at the dem field if there’s any Democrat that they kinda like more than Trump they probably disapprove of Trump by default because they’re judging them against that person that stands out that person is probably not going to be the nominee what happens to his approval then it rises because now you’ve got only one Democrat the party that person is likely to piss off a significant proportion even of Democratic constituents most people that voted the primaries at least in the early states won’t be voting for the person that ends up winning that’s just sort of the way that it is now you’re going to have a Biden probably winning with with percentages that’s at some points will be in the 20s because the field is so crowded especially in a place like New Hampshire bernstrom New Hampshire if he wins it all there it’ll be a squeaker over Sanders and it’ll only be because he has more viability and name recognition I don’t expect Biden by the way to win New Hampshire I expect him to win Iowa probably go on to narrowly lose New Hampshire knock Sanders out by Nevada basically by getting three of the first four states if it were held today that’s what I would expect and then Sanders would bow out gracefully having won only one of the first states he’d be looking at Super Tuesday probably stick it in there leave after Super Tuesday when it gets swept by Biden that’s probably what’s going to happen it’s not certain Biden could drop dead of a stroke tomorrow or he could do so poorly at the first debate that all of a sudden he falls to third place or something it’s just not that likely the Democrats are fixating on impeachment because they don’t think that Joe Biden is capable of studying the standard-bearer of the party and they think that they would rather him run against pence that’s honestly I think they would love to remove Trump from office or it’s just a smokescreen they’re trying to keep him from getting reelected by having the talk of impeachment over his head perfectly viable option to explain the Democrats behavior but I think that the more intelligent Democrats intelligent being a relative term in politics I think the more intelligent Democrats at this point they don’t have faith in their field I wouldn’t either looking at them the people that I would consider higher and viability or afterthoughts some of them are down below 1% in polls like a Julian Castro who sort of put himself out there is too far left or Gillibrand who has again Jaisal now Franken problem with some members of some of the Clintonian members of her party that’s why she never built you know really a coalition we’ll see what happens at the first couple of debates and that’s pretty much when we’ll know we’re gonna know by the polling after the first debate more or less what’s gonna happen in the DEM field it’s not actually that complex barring a freak of nature sort of thing if I didn’t get struck by lightning or or he drops out inexplicably new to this is if something happens somebody else has a really shining keynote Obama style moment attitude a debate or at a speech or something really does something really good that’s pretty much the only thing that can change that metric so the Democrats are afraid because they don’t think Biden can win i I wouldn’t be happy if he did although he’s more sane than some of the Democrats were just sayings quite a bit I don’t think that he’s capable though not at his age I don’t think he can campaign hard enough to keep up with Trump I think that he Trump is old anyway you know again know no insult meant to people who are in that age demographic but Trump isn’t over seventy individual so doesn’t make sense the Democrats are gonna have another old white dude and and he’s a dynastic politician as well from under Obama be their standard-bearer I don’t know how well that’s going to work so I guess impeachment starts to make a little bit more sense or at least talk thereof that’s about all peace out