Democrats Should Stop Pretending to Oppose Saudi Government Tyranny (Re: Khashoggi) | Trending News

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All right everyone a few days ago the CIA came out and said yeah the crown prince of Saudi Arabia ordered the killing of journalists Khashoggi over there so he again heard three or four pronunciations not gonna bother because you know I’m not from Arabia so the cultural appropriation to say it right I guess the CIA saying that Trump has come out and countermanded and said well according to what I’m seeing we don’t know that for sure the investigation continues everyone in the fucking world is jumping down his throat right now but let me tell you one thing I am NOT going to trust of all groups …

Continue reading… CIA based solely on its word unless they give me evidence yes I would rather trust Trump on the issue and assume the investigation is ongoing it was a little odd I will give you one thing it was on for Trump this is pure Trump to go on you know talk about money in such an instance he goes off and starts talking about the arms hills and fuel and shit the economic investment of Saudi Arabia into the US and I would agree with him that’s great it’s wonderful that we’re adding tens of billions of dollars of foreign investment in the projects here because people realize the US economy under Trump is far better than it was under bush or Obama that’s wonderful but it has absolutely nothing to do with khashoggi and has shouldn’t have anything to do with our diplomatic efforts involving investigating them it was off it was odd for him to include that that was a gaffe and honestly it’s not 3d chess it’s honestly a gaffe I don’t know why he thought that that was a good idea I mean these core fans will be like yeah okay well that’s fine that pacifies us everyone else just sees it as well Trump only cares about money not about journalism but there’s the thing anyone print on the left pretending to be like enraged and furious about this my goodness what ironic of hypocrites you can possibly be there have been plenty of reasons to criticize the nation of Saudi Arabia for a very very long time mistreatment of women mistreatment of homosexuals state sponsor of terrorism these state-sponsored terrorism I’ve been saying for half a decade now it’s not Iran that’s the main sponsor of terrorism in the world that’s a lie it’s Saudi Arabia 9/11 hijackers work by the Iranian government they were funded and trained by the nation of Saudi Arabia probably at the level of the House of Saud itself with either their knowledge if not their blessing so there are plenty of reasons that I think we should defund Saudi Arabia there are plenty of reasons I think that we should have a have it out diplomatically with them and say hey cut it the fuck out otherwise we’re not gonna buy your well we’ll Wine and Dine the Venezuelans and we’ll leave you high and dry your economy will dry up overnight just like all of your reservoirs of water when you realize you don’t have the money to maintain desalination plants anymore that’s essentially what would happen yeah that’s what we should be doing but to say it’s prefaced on this and that this one journalist death somehow matters a million times more than every other crazy thing the Saudi government has involved itself in that none of these the Democrats didn’t have any problem with Obama going over and bowing to the Prince of Saudi Arabian crazy shit like that and holding elaborate dinners with them while people were being beaten in the streets he never had a problem with that he doesn’t have a problem with what happened you don’t have a problem with what’s happening in Yemen with the Saudi government involved there and with us blessing with us you know action basically drone strikes and everything else we’ve helped to fuck the region up and the Saudis have involved I’ve been involved with it but it’s not cuz shaji is the end-all be-all of the whole fucking problem by the way it’s only been a problem since chunk took the presidency is Obama Obama oversaw all sorts of abuses said nothing Hillary Clinton took 25 million for the Clinton Foundation from the houses out totally fine it’s totally fine it’s totally normal there’s nothing wrong with this it’s just normal politics it’s diplomacy and by the way can i phone meant something else here let’s say for a moment that Trump hardline the Saudis and said well I’m gonna shut off all diplomatic presence I’m really gonna put the screws to them what would end up happening let’s say OPEC which is run by the Saudis would stymie the oil production of the world driving the costs way up that means we’d feel a lot of pressure at the pump right as winter is approaching wonderful by the way Trump would take the blame for it the Democrats would say he’s weak on the economy he’s driving while prices up this is a listen Dever it’s just one journalist there are all sorts of reasons that we should not be doing this they would target him over it and they would say he’s a bully and they would say he’s not statesman like remember that time that the crown prince one of their crown princes over there was insulting Trump and Trump was basically bad-mouthing him remember that incident I can’t remember I think that was during the campaign itself or shortly after no it was actually shortly after Trump was elected I think and he came out and said well yeah they’re just sad because they can’t ride roughshod over the US government anymore because I’m not Obama and they’re in there and they were all angry it’s like diplomatic protest strongly worded letter we condemned this statement and every all the left was like oh my god he’s the son states been like he’s unpresidential he’s not good at diplomas he’s gonna start a war or something and then people would be worried about that look if he hard-lined against Saudi Arabia with John Bolton on his team the Democrats would be warning hey the Republicans are trying to start another oil war they’re going to invade the Arabian Peninsula this time and start a regional nuclear conflict or some crazy shit and that really is another problem right now because we happen to have really good strong relationship with Saudi Arabia which I’m not a hundred percent comfortable with admittedly because of that it helps to maintain some composure within a region that otherwise very well may explode because here’s the problem the LaVon especially is that the crux of numerous major players in the world Turkey is a rising power in the world that controls the Bosphorus has a top-ten military by its number of tanks and ships and all of that stuff packs a lot of punch Egypt is up there and in the low teens as far I think number 12 or 11 or something Iran is on the list and Saudi Arabia has nukes on short order from Pakistan anytime it wants them you have for considerable regional powers all gathered around this one area that is extremely feel rich and extremely trea important for world trade it’s got multiple choke points for world trade the Suez Canal the Bosphorus the trade routes that go across the Middle East at large it’s got oil pipelines it’s got literally everything is that fucking the fucking salt mining and ship you’re telling me that it would be good idea to inflame the situation more when you’ve already got small pockets of Isis running around you got the Syrian civil war still exists although it’s you know basically NIMBY it’s out of sight out of mind now for the West because we’re no longer funding the FSA as much that’s because Assad kicked their ass so many times we got bored I guess you’re saying it’d be a good idea to do that now meanwhile Trump talks about Iran and all these same people have a problem you think you’re Ron cares if journalists die no journalists get abused all the time they’re they’re heavily censored why do you even care by the way if you’re on the Left you’re supporting sensitive press censorship here you want anyone who’s in the old media to be the platformed if they disagree with the establishment so what the fuck is the difference oh we’re good we’re no we don’t believe in having a journalist killed but we do believe in taking away their livelihood threatening them in public places throwing bottles of piss and shit at them harassing their families at their homes including some members of the lamestream media like Tucker Carlson with the end over there they have no problem with that that’s all okay as long as you don’t kill the person it’s okay to completely ruin their lives fucking hypocrites stop pretending to be furious about this I thought the wording of the White House press Iran cushaw he was a little odd I do want to see more done about Saudi Arabia but Sid sitting there and shutting them out that would get trumped ten times more flack number one number two all the people on the Left are being hypocrites about this and number three no I’m not simply gonna trust the CIA there’s a 99% chance that their summation is correct but I want it to be a one hundred percent chance the CIA is not going to give me evidence to that no I don’t trust the alphabet-soup agencies I learned my lesson from the war in Iraq that’s about all peace Oh