Dems Draft Soldiers For Impeachment War Against Trump Starting Next Week! | Trending News

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hi there its WB and welcome to world broadcast YouTube channel before we get started make sure you hit the subscribe button and press Bell icon to never miss any latest news team’s draft soldiers for impeachment war against Trump starting next week Democrats are preparing for war with President Donald Trump it has long been suspected that Democrats would use the power they gained in the midterm elections to harass the president and now there is proof that that is precisely what they intend to do CNN reported the House Judiciary Committee is looking for a few good lawyers a recent committee…

Continue reading… b posting reviewed by CNN asked for legislative councils with a variety of expertise criminal law immigration law constitutional law intellectual property law commercial and administrative law including antitrust and bankruptcy or oversight work the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee needs lawyers to posting jobs for executive branch investigative counsel the advertisements give a window into the Democratic recruiting bats ramped up ahead of the party gaining subpoena power for the first time in eight years when it takes over the house in January the hiring efforts started early one Democratic House committee posted a help-wanted ad on a job board for acquainted by Capitol Hill staffers the day after the November sixth midterm elections the post which did not name the committee sought investigative counsel to conduct congressional investigations and advise on policy matters related to oversight of the executive branch responsibilities include staffing letters and subpoenas conducting interviews organizing and staffing hearings and preparing memos talking points statements and reports as necessary the listing stated previous congressional or executive branch experience preferred but candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to apply candidates must have attention to detail excellent writings Gill’s Excel under pressure and have a sense of humor one person familiar with the Democratic ramp up and staffing told CNN there are a lot of people willing to take pay cuts to come do that work were being deluged with resumes really impressive resumes there will be no shortages of good candidates the difficulty will be choosing among them said representative Adam Schiff of California who will leave the House Intelligence Committee next year and will play a key role in investigating Russian election interference a part of the reason is that Democrats need to grandstand in order to raise funds for the 2020 presidential campaign NBC reported sleeking the White House has never been more expensive and some veteran Democrats estimate a candidate will need to raise ten million dollars to 15 million dollars in the first quarter of 2019 and at least fifty million dollars during the full year to be seriously competitive once voters start actually casting ballots in early 2020 trump’s reelection campaign and affiliated GOP groups have already raised more than one hundred million dollars while the Republican National Committee has raised tens of millions more many potential Democratic candidates have circled January or early February on their calendars as the ideal launch window early enough to try to raise an impressive amount of money in the first quarter of the year without stepping on November’s midterm elections January is likely to be crowded because it comes at the start of a financial quarter which gives candidates the maximum amount of time to raise money before announcing their first fundraising paul at the end of the quarter in March extra days mean more swag campaign fundraisers dialing for dollars calls and more email solicitations to grassroots contributors who ship in just a few dollars at a time presidential campaigns first fundraising reports to the Federal Election Commission are scrutinized like report cards by the media rivals in the opinion leading party leaders labor union heads and elected officials as they decide whom to support all lack of early fundraising strength can be a death knell for a candidate since donors both large and small look to bet on a winning candidate and are quick to drop perceived losers money isn’t everything in politics but it’s a lot and a strong first quarter fundraising Hall is one of the surest ways to demonstrate viability and strength not just in the primary but in the general election against Trump please don’t forget to like and support our channel by press subscribe button dot thank you for watching