Disabled man found GUILTY of assaulting ladies with mobility scooter | Entertainment News

2018-09-28T20:04:36+00:00 September 28th, 2018|

Pictured our anomaly 40 is accused of ramming three people with his mobility scooter in two incidents in Kent and London a disabled man who used his mobility scooter as the battering ram to knock over two elderly women on the pavement is facing jail Erin loudly 40 reversed over Doris Collins 88 and Joan Benja filled 90 while they were out shopping and Wehling Kent [Music] the two pensioners were waiting at a bus stop outside southeast model shop on Upper Wickham Lane on June 14th this year when they were run over by Olney [Music] miss Collins and Miss Benja field were waiting to get on a number 96 …

Continue reading… when the ramp came down and only rode off on his scooter [Music] CCTV footage played in court shows him ride past the two women then suddenly stopped before reversing into miss Benjy field sending her flying onto the pavement [Music] he then rolls forward slightly before reversing into miss Collins knocking her over on top of Miss Ben Jack hi miss Collin suffered some cuts to her knee while Ms vengi field was left with bruises to her calf and ribs [Music] oli was convicted of the other two charges today after a two-day trial at Southwark Crown Court [Music] he was also accused of punching seventy two year old Michael Gibson in another random attack in nearby village High Street on January 2nd but was cleared of that charge [Music]