Don Jr. accuses Alyssa Milano of bullying ‘black free-thinker’ Kanye | Entertainment News

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Donald Trump jr. has accused Alyssa Milano of bullying black freethinker Kanye West his rebuke was in response to the actress posting a Jif of a cartoon Kanye with president Donald Trump’s hair on Twitter adding make Kanye Kanye again [Music] she posted the image on Monday after the pro Trump rapper sparked controversy during an appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend [Music] Kanye expressed his support for the president in an impromptu speech wearing the make America great again cap before making a series of bizarre comments calling for the 13th amendment to be abolished because it wa…

Continue reading… lavery in disguise [Music] but the president’s 40 year old son quickly rushed to defend Kanye and slammed Milanoo isn’t entitled white liberal [Music] shocking it’s almost like this white liberal thinks she’s entitled to believe this black freethinker into not being himself or believing what he wants he wrote nella no responded with a link to her off egg for CNN in which she explains why Americans cannot let Kavanagh and Trump be the lasting face of who we are as a nation share this article share 36 chairs you should have someone read you my new op-ed for at CNN she replied to Donald Junior [Music] while the actress a leading voice in the hashtag me to movement has been vocally critical of Trump for some time Kanye has been openly supportive on Saturday Night Live he closed the show singing a track off his last album while wearing one of trumps signature red mega caps [Music] after the live show ended West’s stayed on the microphone and gave an impromptu speech about politics again voicing to support for Trump so many times I talked to a white person about this and they say how could you like Trump he’s racist West said according to footage posted on Instagram by comedian Chris Rock [Music] well if I was concerned about racism I would have moved out of America a long time ago he also accused the rival Democratic Party of seeking to keep people dependent on wealthier payments and repeated his interest in running for president himself in 2020 when Trump would face re-election his speech was met with a smattering of applause but louder booing from the New York audience [Music] but one New Yorker who didn’t seem to mind though was Trump himself who tweeted out his support Sunday even though he said he had not seen the show like many I don’t watch Saturday Night Live even though I cast hosted it no longer funny no talent or charm Trump wrote [Music] it is just a political out for the Dems word is that Kanye West who put on a media head after the show despite being told no was great he’s leading the charge Kanye later posted a selfie on Instagram and Twitter wearing the mega cap adding we will provide job