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Donald Trump jr. brought his girlfriend kimberly guilfoyle along to speak in support of a Republican congressional candidate on Thursday the president’s son and his partner attended a fundraiser for businessman danny tarkanian republican candidate for nevada congressional district 3 in las vegas [Music] their appearance came in the wake of a flurry of tweets from Trump jr. wherein he showed support for Brett Kavanaugh and attacked dr. Christine blase afford during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing [Music] he accused the Democrats of not having honor or shame and praised Cavanaugh and his fam…

Continue reading… [Music] he wrote I love patent Hawkstone it’s nice to see a conservative man fight for his honor and his family against a 35 year old claim with zero evidence and lots of polls that amounts to nothing more than a political hit job by the dens others in the DLC should take notice share this article share Trump junior also lashed out at dr. Ford in the wake of her emotional testimony before the committee he mocked dr. Ford’s fear of flying and accused her of not conquering it in order to testify [Music] this saw a number of persons respond and point out that dr. Ford had told the committee under oath that she had flown to Washington DC for the hearing taking the stage in Las Vegas last night Don Jr told the crowd they needed to vote for Tarkanian because all the winning that you are not sick of is on the ballot in November we can’t be complacent trot jr. said according to the Nevada independent Donald Trump is on the ticket in six weeks because all of the winning that you are not sick of never will be sick of is on the ballot Donald Trump those policies are on the ballot his girlfriend former Fox News host Kimberly also spoke during the fundraiser and accused the Democrats of trying to keep putting money back in this one you