Donald Trump Jr and Vanessa set for next divorce hearing in November | Entertainment News

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Donald Trump jr. and his estranged wife Vanessa Hayden will finalize their divorce in November with the development coming days after he opened up about his new relationship with former Fox News presenter kimberly guilfoyle the former couple will meet we’ll meet for a preliminary conference on November 27th in the Supreme Court which is likely to be their final divorce hearing it is understood it is expected that the first son and Hayden who were married for 12 years and have five children together will have ironed out their custody and financial agreements by that time the couple’s last appearan…

Continue reading… in court lasted only a few minutes and took place in July before Justice Michael Katz in New York Supreme Court [Music] justise cats had commended both parties on resolving their issues to prioritize their children and shield them from what could have been an invasive litigation process he did add however that those good intentions need to be put in writing that trumps attorneys then noted that certain financial decisions have not yet been resolved but that they would be resolved in the next few weeks that financial issue explains why the formerly uncontested divorce is now contested [Music] court records that were previously obtained by Daily Mail calm revealed that Dante are responded to his wife’s filing in May and on May 17th their case was assigned to Judge Michael Katz [Music] you