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All right everyone this morning them reporting to chuck grassley from the state department perdón to an email probe the State Department is probing into the Clinton email server again they found numerous rule breaking and violations and well you know they haven’t meted out any punishment yet cuz the probe is gonna go until about September apparently and they’re like well we got it this tidal wave of emails to go through so it’ll take us a while of course there are violations of protocol and rule breaking and law breaking within Clinton’s emails and the fact that she was managing a private serv…

Continue reading… under the circumstances was already unlawful it broke the law but she’s never been stopped getting your hopes up it’s like but when there was the first email probe a lot of people I think the majority of like at least the Trump fans were expecting her to face some sort of punishment they were expecting at the very least I guess affine or the Comey would come out when he ended his probe and say well yeah you know rules were broken and be more explicit instead what he did with whom exactly what was expected yeah there was rule breaking yeah there were breaches of protocol yeah she should have known better but you know the FBI declines to charge because she had already been weighed in on by Loretta Lynch at the behest of the Clintons through the Obamas basically you know you kiss ring you owe a favor Obama we helped get you elected now you’re gonna get Loretta Lynch to squish this out what do you think the tarmac meeting was about the first place and so if you think that you know many years later in all honesty um that you know largely you know the evidence has been around with probably by now it probably wasn’t retained properly it could have been manipulated by an even million people you expect the State Department now having marginal access to some of this material is going to magically be able to make the FBI change its mind and then the next director will come out and say oh yeah we’re charging Clinton with email know what they’ll probably end up doing is they’ll find some load they’ll do exactly what you know I expected to be done the first time around which is can a couple of low-level staffers they’ll say well in this person here this this security guard who had access to know I’m better and did this sent this email and around and so they need to you know jail for ten days they say it’ll be the Papadopoulos treatment all over again it’ll be like watching him now you’re one of one of the linchpins of the Trump crime mafia Oh two weeks in jail other than for lovemaking a couple of lies to the FBI while Trump leer down at him from the wall which was his excuse which is why he got a slap on the wrist and it’s like well Clinton lied to the FBI and to Congress provably we know that we know that people associated with her lied we know that they breached a dozen different protocols broke a bunch of rules and this wasn’t one individual this is a whole group of individual some of these emails were on weiners laptop the same one that contained other illicit material it’s it’s almost like the Clintons are surrounded by the shysters and people who are into really weird crimes it’s not like around Trump apparently he’s surrounded by people who are relative angels the biggest criminal around him worked briefly on his campaign and his crime was 10 years before had nothing to do with the contemporary era Trump gets probed way harder and they still don’t find Jack Schiff if you actually expect Hillary Clinton to face any repercussions any justice for her wrongdoing you are woefully unaware of how the Clintons operate from they are very very good at covering their tracks they have a lot of political allies the fact that there’s no Clinton in office right now doesn’t really make any difference half a half of DC his kiss train with the Clintons most of the Democrats anyway I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some Republicans that over one so she’s not gonna face any repercussions if there were any attempts to actually put her in a cell or something it would probably here’s the other part probably it caused instability in this country look the people on the Left have been primed to believe that chump is Dorito Hitler I mean even though if that’s even though it’s propagandistic nonsense and anyone who’s sane and clear-headed an unbiased sees him for what he is like it’s a vague populist and really not much more they think that he’s a fascist so if he decides to say well Hillary Clinton’s going into a Cell even if it were a slap on the wrist sort of like okay you’re spending a night in jail for some protocol violation for the email server thing it would be seen as an attack upon the pool system itself again it may be the opposite it’s actually doing justice to someone who clearly did the wrong thing clearly did violate the law Comey told us this and simply declined to bring charges but millions of people within the country won’t see it that way it could get violent it could get very very dicey indeed if there were any attempt to prosecutor as far as whether the State Department’s probe once it ends will lead to the prosecution of lower level individuals possibly that’s possible it could also spin off and cause another probe but the thing is you have to understand something the legacy media right now is still single-mindedly focused on the Trump tax probe by Schiff in the House Dems which is going nowhere and will continue to go nowhere I’m gonna make it a thing here I think they’re slow walking it because they know full well Trump didn’t do anything wrong with his taxes hear me out they want the probe to hang over his head for political reasons they think that it’ll prevent him from winning re-election or at the very least it’ll reduce his chances of that if he has an active probe into his taxes over his head to be visible during the campaign and they’re not entirely wrong but they don’t want the probe to conclude they want to put it under the rug and be quiet about it because they’ve already got inside info for people in the know within the US Treasury within the IRS wherever within New York AG’s Department who have seen some of trumps material I’m sure they already know that there’s no tax fraud they’ve already seen the material they just haven’t publicly announced that they have they haven’t publicly disclosed it cuz they got it through backchannels you think that they don’t have one person in the IRS who is capable of whistleblowing by pulling the tax info probably someone from the IRS already did that told their supervisors well there’s weird and the supervisor plateauing Shh don’t say anything because you know we’re proud Democrats and we you know the whole goal is just to have the probe stay active forever not to culminate it because the probe would be defeated trump would win reelection because then it’d be proof that it was a witch hunt as far as the Clinton email probe this is a fairly you know a fairly lengthy State Department probe into the issue but it’s not gonna cause any repercussions for her look Hillary Clinton she’s not in office she’s an old woman she was his pride his you know opponent during the last election it would be seen as hyper partisan and spark a civil war or something like that among the pink haired crowd the Democrats don’t want that they don’t want their constituents to get beaten up by the police for rioting well they don’t care if that happens once in a while but they don’t want them laid waste to because the anarchy prevails they don’t want their constituents to have to be rounded up and put in prison and become felons so that they can’t vote anymore that’d be pretty bad it’d be really bad for California’s a demographics as far as getting representation by the way do felons in the population count towards the number of Representatives you get because I mean in most states felons can’t vote so why would they count towards representation I’m wondering maybe they should pass a constitutional amendment about that because in California lose three or four electoral votes probably if that might be really funny to watch that we have some problems in some of the urban states not so much a place like Iowa Plus that would help with criminal reform they try to keep people out of prison now wouldn’t they no they probably should do that too I mean dealing drugs oh my god who gives a shouldn’t even be a crime that’s about all P so