Drunk football fan admits sexually assaulting air stewardess | Entertainment News

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Soon as clark 28 from Clydebank squeeze the woman’s breasts as she attempted to serve beer to another passenger on an easyJet flight from Edinburgh to berlina drunk football man yesterday admitted to sexually assaulting an air stewardess after groping her breasts on an out-of-control easy jet flight to Berlin [Music] soon as clark 28 from Clydebank squeezed the woman’s breasts as she attempted to serve beer to another passenger on an easyJet flight from edinburgh to berlin on january 14th last year [Music] he was among 200 supporters on the plane traveling to Germany to wash rangers play a chal…

Continue reading… ge match against RB Leipzig [Music] the easyJet employee who cannot be named for legal reasons is said to have been left physically shaken by the sexual attack [Music] flight attendants struggled to keep order during the out-of-control flight as the supporters began shouting and singing club songs [Music] the flight was met by German police officers when the plane touched down in Berlin’s Tegel Airport Clark pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting an air stewardess when he appeared at the Capitals share of court yesterday [Music] he pleaded not guilty to assaulting a second female stewardess by seizing her on the body into behaving in a disorderly manner by shouting and singing he was also alleged to have acted in an aggressive and intimidating manner wild also striking the overhead lockers in refusing to comply with cabin crew instructions [Music] fiscal depute mark team told the court there were a large number of passengers on board when a number of fans became rowdy mr. keen said to the Vista cabin crew were not in a position to bring the drinks trolley to the front galley [Music] one of the stewardesses on the flight had a train a theater a passenger and as she passed the accused he reached out and grabbed her by the breast and compressed it share this article share she had in his hand the ran continued on towards the front gallery she was physically shaken by the incident she told another member of staff what had happened and as the aircraft landed she was made aware the flight was being met by German police the fiscal de pute added that Clark was taken from the flight by police officers to a local hospital and was subsequently cautioned and charged for the offence defending solicitor Michael Galan said his client had acted out of drunkenness and that he had no real recollection of the sex assault on the stewardess mr. gallon asked Sheriff Michael O’Grady QC not to decide whether Clarke should be on the sex offenders register until he could give his full mitigation at the sentencing hearing [Music] sheriff O’Grady agreed to the request in different full sentence on Clark – later this month a source said the flight was really horrific