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All right everyone another example of it’s time to get serious about something the number of Ebola cases has now tripled and the World Health Organization is not mincing words anymore they came out and said well this is pretty much the new normal the new normal in Central Africa and possibly West Africa is going to be big Ebola outbreaks it’s not going to be three people in a village died and the village was seven people so that’s pretty much it it’s not going to be a couple dozen cases in some you know pygmy village out the middle of the northern Congo it’s gonna be thousands or or more dying…

Continue reading… e problem is that because Ebola has shown readiness to mutate that’s a ticking time bomb and as I’ve explained for a number of years now it should be taken much more seriously they’re warning now Doctors Without Borders in some of these groups they need more resources and they’re not getting them the problem is that in the West Africa Ebola outbreak because it was novel the idea of the first really big outbreak since I think that the late 70s when a few thousand people died ironically in the Congo similar to this outbreak in size although nowhere near as fast spreading since then it hadn’t been as many larger outbreaks as you know a few hundred people at most mostly a few dozen essentially if you look at sort of the timeline of Ebola because that part of Africa was so underdeveloped if there was an outbreak in some rural village you might never hear about it anyway it just wiped a village out and it would stop existing essentially somebody pushed me a couple dozen people died and that’s basically it but now some of these places are hooked up to the world at large Travel is increasing population density is definitely increasing especially in West and Central Africa all over this area there are more and more people there are still few medical resources the medical resources that are there they can deal with you’ve got a common cold they can deal with you sprained your ankle they have no problem you got headaches or something okay you’re fine the problem is that the apparatus for more advanced disease research for treating something catastrophic like Ebola it doesn’t exist there is nowhere that you can go in Central Africa to get Ebola treatment unless it’s being administered by foreign groups don’t we realize that with population density in that part of the world skyrocketing and massive levels that that’s going to be a problem world trade has begun to seep into some of the ports and airports within Central Africa and within West Africa like Nigeria is beginning to rapidly develop it’s becoming rapidly an urban culture it’s becoming you know sort of the place to be if you’re in the African continent other than maybe Egypt or South Africa which is maybe maybe not a happy statement at some times but it’s developing population density is rapidly increasing what happens if he bola gets to Lagos should be the question that we’re asking ourselves nobody wants to ask the question and nobody takes it seriously most of the world shuts its eyes and doesn’t even know there’s an epidemic there I think part of it is all the Gen Xers that grew up reading about you know the National Geographic oh we bolo you know Marburg and save all your interesting tropical diseases they stay in the tropics it can’t come here because those people don’t have planes essentially that’s not the way it works anymore mm but Tembo does have hookups – or – I can’t remember the name of that a particular city that’s a you know but Tembo is the size of Boston they’ve got Ebola it’s not that far away from a city that’s even larger has a million people and it has an International Airport that’s a problem nobody will address it Doctors Without Borders can’t do anything they don’t have the resources they deploy hundreds of thousands of vaccines in and around this affected area has it slowed down the rate of transmission it doesn’t seem to have well the problem is that if you’re vaccinating some pockets of people trying to keep it down you’re just buying time while it mutates anyway probably if the epidemic gets snuffed out at this point with this many people in a civil war zone especially in a zone where there’s already a lot of chaos Ebola wards get attacked and stuff you’ve got a terrible situation there anyway if the Ebola epidemic there dies down I will expect that it’ll be because of like with the West Africa epidemic years ago there was a mutation that create an asymptomatic variety this spreads out and begins inoculating people so they’re not getting a an Ebola infection that actually has symptoms or maybe one that’s a lot weaker maybe it’s only like common cold and mutates that way it’s possible thankfully it’s as likely to do that as it is to mutate in the other direction become more deadly more transmissible or something but it can do that too and we’re just sort of sitting back and letting the whole area be a science experiment at the moment and that’s actually rather frightening because again in the former epidemic many cases as though they were most of them were rural cases they reach the outskirts of I think Freetown if I remember correctly but for the most part small small-town Africa basically being affected then and of course a lot of those cases you never heard about it never hit a major metropolitan hub that has world trade and travel right now there’s a blossoming Ebola epidemic right next to one and there have already been at least a few sporadic cases in the area that has this world trade nobody’s taking it seriously so a disease that kills between 30 and 50 percent of everyone who gets it and leaves the survivors scarred for life sometimes infertile sometimes they can transmit Ebola for up to 6 months through semen through through sex even long after they’re no longer symptomatic of anything they can cause vascular issues it can cause mental degeneration it can cause also that muscular problems it’s sort of like the Black Death I’m thinking ma’am maybe this was the actual black death maybe Ebola managed to crawl its way over to China somehow you know maybe a piece of salted chimpanzee meat was presented to the king and all of a sudden people started dying who knows know whatever the case may be is looking a little bit like the Mara the Red Death – by the way definitely read mask of the Red Death very interesting short work you should definitely read it I remember I think there’s a song about that at well there’s the the blood waltz obviously you just listen to the blood waltz by Kristen Lawrence – and we are getting too close to Halloween time you know have in Vermont terms yeah autumns right around the corner sorry if I sound a little bit uh I’m a little bit sad about that it’s okay maybe I should be in the Everglades right now I should be South Padre Island along beaches maybe I should be in the Amazon in all honesty maybe you’d be safer in the Amazon there’s no Ebola there and there’s no World Trade there either above it’s not really a funny story they’re not what are they doing to prevent this from going pandemic mode outside of Africa it’s not the disease you’re dealing with now it’s the disease you could be dealing with tomorrow because mutation is a thing again never see this discussed world governments don’t want to talk to the beyond and they go back to their cigars essentially that’s about all peace out