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All right everyone we have more Ebola related news again something that until recently every lamestream outlet wouldn’t talk about oh it’s just people over on another continent dying of a tropical disease so you know it’s a B’s well it’s a slow news day for them but for those of us who maybe know a little bit more about you know viruses being able to mutate I guess we’re more concerned than they are another aid center another ebola ward and boot embo has been attacked this is the second time it’s happened recently and it happened before now the first time it happened none of the people actuall…

Continue reading… ad Ebola it’s an Ebola treatment center they were also spent maybe they had flu-like symptoms it turned out they were all negative so it’s like everyone breathes a sigh of relief this time at least four of the people who escaped have Ebola and and others may have it were you know tested and they don’t have results I guess so there are at least four people who have Ebola wandering around Abbot in BO right now yeah that’s not going to cause another outbreak in you know the next couple of weeks not going to cause any problems whatsoever when people start coughing at this point the price shoot themselves in the head figuring it’s better than the alternative this is a big problem and it’s one again the world does not take seriously enough Ebola has shown a readiness to mutate in the last outbreak the reason that 20,000 people were infected and died is because it mutated they only found out about this after the fact but uh non-medicated individuals looked at the the somewhat exponential growth of its you know burning through the population until thankfully another mutant destroyed the first by inoculating people a symptomatically they looked at that said well I don’t think this is acting like Ebola usually acts usually it’s very low infectious like even if you get the fluids on you there’s like you know maybe a 10% chance you get Ebola it’s not actually that easily just spread this variant was much more easily spread similar death rate I think the death rate was actually slightly lower but it’s much more able to spread if that happens and it can happen anytime someone’s infected then you have a bigger problem you don’t have the problem of some hundreds or dead or a thousand down you know problem of ten thousand would be a hundred thousand dead and the more cases you get the more likely you get further mutations now in in the West African epidemic years ago or three years ago now I think you had an asymptomatic variant come out and people were essentially being vaccinated against it by nature wonderful it helped to slow the spread of it down to below exponential levels aid workers were able to come in and finally snuff it out well that happened in the Congo who knows it could break containment it could hit the border with any of these other new nearby states you have a civil war in the area that’s preventing the deployment of medicine and it’s only experimental anyway the serums and vaccines they develop they don’t even know if they work they’ve got at least one serum that they think is halfway effective but even then here got it like what a 40% chance of dying so they go we can save one out of every five people they’re still symptomatic they’re still they still haven’t bred they’re still potentially in fact others and then when people go mean people get angry for political reasons and burned down the Ebola ward and send bleeding patients flying into the streets you know those people they get found dead in the gutter by their neighbors or something and they don’t realize they have it boy I wondered where he went you know like this we have to bury the motherfucker then ten people get infected not a great time even the weird side of YouTube barely talks about this like they’ve forgotten all about the fact that there’s Ebola going on right now don’t you think that by now considering the relatively lower number of cases after some months they should have been able to snuff it out but it’s a civil war zone you’ve got secondary outbreaks now though there’s certainly a lot of malaria you’ve got cholera in the area anyway all of these problems and now you have political upheaval added to it an area that’s already under civil war with political upheaval and secondary epidemics too it’s a it’s a powder keg honestly all you need is for order to break down in a place like but EMBO for people to flee around some of them have Ebola all of a sudden they you have to you have a thousand new cases in a week or something that could happen in a couple weeks because of this Ebola Ward being attacked in these symptomatic infectious individuals fleeing and they don’t know I guess you know then what are they gonna do go out with butterfly nets to catch them or something because of that fact potentially hundreds of people in the last 24 hours have come into contact and been infected that’s a major outbreak waiting to happen in a fairly large metropolitan an area that does have a link-up travel wise and trade wise to even larger metropolitan areas that aren’t that far away it’s near several national borders it’s near a more substantial I mean you know but Tembo is like the like you know four or five hundred thousand people and there’s a city nearby I can’t remember the name for the life of me as over a million and has like a major airport and everything else that you could possibly need for trade and travel yeah that would be a disaster meanwhile the MSM is too focused on bullshit they’re like oh it’s a slow news day over in Africa nothing happened some some day you know the Gabon you know revolutionary coup attempt or something like that they’ll talk about that’s like a nation nobody over here can even fucking find it on a map but meanwhile you got hundreds of people dying of Ebola nobody cares I think it’s a big problem people need to be more educated about disease don’t freak out but you know quarantine is a good thing uh get vaccinated I know that was that was a big issue for a lot of people it was very very funny Jesus so I wouldn’t be surprised if a tempo ends up basically not having a localized economy for a while because people will be terrified you know and again you’ve got populations of people that by and large they’re not medical experts or anything is so that you know in some cases you have these communities they think of disease still in a spiritual sense like it’s caused by a miasma sore something and it’s not widely understood the method of transmission the method of prevention here’s you know what you should do if you start showing symptoms don’t panic and run off into the woods or something that’s by and large that’s not a facet of some of these enclaves of areas within the sub-saharan Africa with the exception of Nations capitals and often not even the whole capital or some of the larger cities like you think of Nigeria Lagos or something like that generally speaking fairly fairly standard westernized the infrastructures there it’s also rapidly expanding by a place like boo Tembo it’s like dirt floor I mean uh dirt roads and you know them not necessarily access to clean water and a ready food supply better by the way I mean if you look at the tempo on the ground there’s video of it on YouTube it looks better than a lot of areas in sub-saharan Africa I like it I consider bleep cleaner and more advanced that looks you know relatively safe and stable but it doesn’t necessarily stay that way if hundreds of people start dying of Ebola then when you got four oh four or at least four people that are necessarily infected possibly several others there that hadn’t been tested or whatever that’s a recipe for disaster it’s like any containment that they hadn’t put Tembo up until now is gone as of this particular Center being burned to the ground that’s about all peace out